5 important things to remember from State of Play

Play news 5 important things to remember from State of Play

PlayStation has just opened hostilities during the conference season with a State of Play full of surprises! It was announced as dedicated above all to PSVR2, Sony’s virtual reality headset, and finally we were spoiled with a series of trailers! In the party … There are 4 surprises … And two big absences …

Final Fantasy XVI: finally!

First big surprise Final Fantasy XVI. We told you about it on video, it was THE big, long awaited announcement of this condition. After a first trailer during the summer of 2020, the game was silently on the radio and it was in demand. The team of Naoki Yoshida, the strong man from Square Enix, wanted to do well, and absolutely wanted to complete most of the development before launching the communication. It’s done now! We have taken a step, this June 3rd, since the com was finally launched. Final Fantasy XVI enters its final phase of production. The game can be played internally from start to finish, and the teams are in a period of polishing, correcting errors and optimizing the software for PlayStation 5. This is good news, and it means that there is little risk of it being pushed back . It is the final sprint until the summer of 2023. The trailer offers a lot of intermediate sequences, a lot of films, dialogues and a lot of fight phases, very choreographed, which highlights the call. It was a good idea for Sony to end its conference on FF16, and the title may well be the common thread of the company until its release, during which time the console’s exclusivity may weigh against the Xbox.

Street Fighter 6 in the open world!

We were blown away during the conference by another announcement, the one about a small open world where we are fighting hard: street fighter 6. Yes, open world, we are not joking. We were spoiled with a first gameplay trailer, and it includes exploring the city streets to find opponents to meet. So we can walk around and fight. It remains to be seen to what extent we will be able to interact with our environment and go from a walk to a big fight.

In terms of artistic direction, the game has revealed its rendition, adorned with a small street art page that is not to displease us. The characters on the list are revealed, and as news of the game comes in, we discover unexpected features. For example, there will be match comments in the game Yes, real versus match crew, during your games, which is the first in a match game. To see how this feature will turn out in reality, but between its open world and its artistic direction, this Street 6 seduced us. Released in 2023 on PS4 and PS5, Xbox and PC.

5 important things to remember from State of Play

Spider-Man is coming to PC!

Sony is heading towards the PC again! After Days Gone, Horizon, Death Stranding and soon Uncharted 4, it’s now Marvel’s Spider-Man which comes to PC. From August 12, 2022, you will also be able to walk around New York at 144 FPS with ray tracing and Ultra-wide rendering … Nixxes studio is in charge of the porting, specialists purchased by Sony to accurately carry the large PlayStation games on PC. In what we could see, it’s Spider-Man Remaster, so the revamped version released on PS5 with DLC. But Sony is already looking ahead and announcing that it also wants to wear Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the following months. Anyway, by bringing Spider-Man to the PC, PlayStation intends to expand the franchise even further, capitalizing on 33 million units sold, which is colossal. Another opus is scheduled for 2023.

5 important things to remember from State of Play

The Callisto Protocol: The Right Successor to Dead Space?

Callisto protocol, a game that was originally described as a terrifying and futuristic adventure in the same universe as PUBG, is on its way back after a long absence. This is a full-fledged game where Daddies from Dead Space give everything to scare us. This first gameplay trailer proves they have some know-how.

The camera angles are impressive, the action seems calm but scary and heavy. It suppurates, it explodes, it chops, it kills, Dead Space vibes are clearly there and it’s really to take and feel. Honestly, the game stole the show from Resident Evil 4 (2023)the small surprise opening of this conference, which brings to life an anthology game with terrible action.

5 important things to remember from State of Play

The big absent

With so much quality presented, it is necessary to review the few absent or gray areas. Thus, there was a lack of a real hardware focus on PSVR2. Showing the helmet, its specifics, its benefits, would have been in good taste. All this we have been able to read but not see. On the other hand, we could see a package of games on the platform: No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village in VR, and Resident Evil 4 (2023) must also have a VR function. We also got to see the development of the game Horizon: Call of the Mountain, less closed than we thought, but more open and free, besides being really beautiful! On the other hand, if we have no details about the helmet itself, we can guess its release date … We can say that it will be released in 2022, since Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Retribution, announced tonight and shown in detail , will be published this year. As it comes out on PSVR2, we can deduce that the helmet will also be available this year, probably at the end of the year.

If we’ve been served with a few indie games, including the amazing Seasons game, or even the stray, there are fighters who have missed the call. We are talking about, of course God of War: Ragnarokno release date.

5 important things to remember from State of Play

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