Netcost-Security broadcasts at 9:30 this Saturday (4) the flight for the second Brazilian going out into space

ISLAND Digital appearance broadcasts from kl. 9:30 (Brazil time) this Saturday (4) the flight of the second Brazilian going out into space throughout history. This is Victor Correa Hespanha, a civilian production engineer from Minas Gerais, who won his seat on the New Shepard spacecraft thanks to a lottery organized by the Crypto Space Agency (CSA), after acquiring three NFTs (tokens non-fungible) on platforms. .

This will be Blue Origin’s fifth manned flight, and the launch of the mission known as NS-21 – as it will be the 21st flight of a New Shepard vehicle in the company’s total numbers – is scheduled for 6 p.m. 10:00 (GMT) from the launch Site One, Van Horn, West Texas.

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The launch of technical problem is delayed

Originally, Blue Origin’s fifth manned flight was scheduled for May 20th. Victor and his wife, Marcella Diniz Hespanha, traveled to the United States on the 15th and lived in Vila dos Astronautas, located at the company’s facility in El Paso, approximately 120 miles (195 km) from the launch site.

In the caravan where he was staying, the Brazilian was received with several “treats” offered by Blue Origin, such as a personalized bag, several shirts and chocolates.

Victor received gifts from Blue Origin upon his arrival at the lodge. Photo: Victor Hespanha – Instagram

The next day he met the rest of the crew. “I really enjoyed getting to know each of them, and we got along really well from the first contact,” the Brazilian wrote on Instagram.

The training was scheduled to begin between the 17th and 18th, but was put on hold when the company discovered a technical problem with the spacecraft and chose to postpone the launch.

“During our last car check, we noticed that one of New Shepard’s backup systems did not live up to our expectations for performance. Out of an abundance of caution, we will delay the launch of the NS-21, which was originally scheduled for Friday. Stay tuned for more updates, ”read Blue Origin’s statement on Twitter, which is also posted on the company’s website.

After three days, Victor revealed that he was asked to return to Brazil and wait for another call, which happened ten days later last Monday (31), when Blue Origin announced the new flight date.

On Thursday (2), the Brazilian posted a video on his Instagram page telling how the training had started, showing the badge he received from the company and introducing the facilities to his followers.

In Stories, Victor told how the first training day went. “Today we did simulations in the capsule, safety tests and we learned several technical terms. I’m too excited. The capsule inside is incredible, the seat is comfortable, everything is impeccable. Preparations continue this Friday (3), the threshold of the long awaited flight.

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Victor Hespanha tries his seat inside the New Shepard capsule. Image: Blue Origin

A tradition in any space mission, whether it is tourist or scientific, allows crew members to choose personal items of their choice to take on the trip. The practice dates back to the beginning of space missions, where astronauts in the Mercury program began taking small objects with them on their flights.

Victor is still mysterious about the objects he wants to take out into space, but he has highlighted one of them: the Brazilian flag. “I take things that make sense to me, and I take things that have been suggested.”

After the postponement of the Blue Origin flight, Victor Hespanha returns
One of the things that the civil production engineer will take out into space is the Brazilian flag. Image: Blue Origin

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