“LG was the first company to commercialize OLED technology when it introduced OLED TVs in 2013,” said Gilles Pereira, Marketing Director, Home Entertainment Business Unit, LG Electronics Canada. “For more than a decade, we have been pioneering OLED technology, including OLED evo technology. This year, we are excited to bring more screen sizes to Canadians as well as new audio products to enhance the viewing experience.”

New OLED screen sizes from LG and development of OLED evo technology
LG’s OLED technology continues to revolutionize the way Canadians watch television. With powerful imaging technologies and an enhanced webOS interface that offers even more smart features and services, LG’s latest models will elevate the viewing and user experience to a record high.

LG designed new OLED screen sizes at the request of customers who wanted access to smaller and larger LG OLED TVs2. LG has also decided to make its OLED evo technology available to more consumers by introducing it to the G2 and C2 series, powered by LG’s fifth generation of intelligent a9 processor.3 which delivers higher brightness for ultra-realistic images with incredible clarity and detail.

LG’s Canadian 2022 OLED TV series has been expanded and now includes the following sizes to meet different consumer needs:

  • LG OLED TV G2 series (Available sizes: 55 “, 65”, 77 “, and from this year, 83” and 97 “) – LG’s 2022 G2 series includes a new 83” model and the first 97 “OLED model in the world4, which joins the 55 ”, 65” and 77 ”TVs already in the series. The LG G2 series offers a refined look with its attractive gallery-like design that makes the TV seem to align with the wall.
  • LG’s award-winning C-Series OLED TV2 offers six screen sizes for 2022 (available sizes: 48 “, 55”, 65 “, 77”, 83 “, and from this year 42”), including the world’s first 42 “OLED TV4, ideal for console and computer games. The C2 series OLED TVs have a thinner frame for a more immersive viewing experience, in addition to giving the TVs a cleaner look.
  • LG OLED TV A2 Series (Available Sizes: 55 “, 65”) – This series offers a refresh rate of 60HZ and is a beginner-level OLED option for consumers.

LG’s NanoCell Quantum Dot technology demonstrates its continued leadership in LCD TVs and delivers outstanding color reproduction with Nano pro technology. LG QNED TVs, capable of delivering rich, accurate colors in the lightest and darkest areas of a scene, can display stunning contrast thanks to LG’s dimming technology. The 2022 series has screen sizes from 50 “to 86” to immerse viewers in their favorite content. All models are certified for full color consistency5. Viewers see the same high-quality image every time, even from different angles.

Improved user experience
The latest version of LG’s innovative Smart TV platform brings the user experience to life on new LG TVs by providing maximum convenience for easier content finding. WebOS 22 offers personal profiles so users can enjoy a personal viewing experience. Within each profile, users can set up quick access to their favorite streaming services, get personalized content recommendations based on their viewing history, and receive real-time alerts to follow their favorite sports teams. Users can log in to their profile on the TV browser or on a smartphone with NFC Magic Tap functionality.

The NFC Magic Tap function can also be used to mirror the screen of the mobile device to the LG TV6. Viewers can also mirror content from one TV to another TV in the home with the Room to Room Sharing feature, which allows you to watch content from cable or satellite services on another TV using Wi-Fi.-Fi without additional decoder. Also new in 2022, the Always Ready feature transforms LG TVs not in use into media screens. The Always Ready feature, which is easily configured in the SETTINGS menu, is activated by pressing the power button on the LG remote control to turn the screen into a digital screen to display artwork, follow the time or listen to music7.

What’s more, the AI ​​ThinQ upgrade will enable LG’s 2022 TVs to become true smart-home platforms. In addition to allowing users to effortlessly control everything with their voice and be compatible with other ThinQ technology-powered devices, ThinQ AI technology now supports Matter, a new industry standard for a more secure smart home. and seamlessly connected, allowing you to use LG TV to control connected devices8.

New premium soundbar
New line of audio products delivers first-class performance, unique and sleek designs and new audio experiences1 while ensuring accurate and immersive sound for home theater, music and games. LG’s new soundbar (model S95QR) offers 810W power and 9.1.5 channels pure surround sound. It is an all-inclusive premium audio solution with five upward channels that optimizes and enriches the soundscape for an unsurpassed listening experience.

No home entertainment center would be complete without the ultimate sound setup. LG’s new 2022 series of advanced soundbars (S95QR, S90QY, S80QR, S80QY) feature the new upward center speaker and high quality sound supported by Dolby Atmos and DTS: X for dynamic three-dimensional sound. The range is packed with AI features, including Smart Room Calibration, which uses spatial awareness to optimize sound in any room. AI Sound Pro performs adaptive sound control to automatically adjust the frequency range and sound field expansion based on the genre of content viewed (news, music, or movies). The soundbars also work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and AirPlay 2 as well as Chromecast and Spotify Connect.

LG’s 2022 series of soundbars are designed with the environment in mind, with a reduced CO2 footprint throughout the product’s life cycle. In addition to being shipped in an entire paper packaging and with an outer case made from recycled plastic resin, the new soundbar models are made with a new, lighter composite fiber material to reduce carbon emissions during shipping and transportation. In addition, due to their relatively modest power consumption, LG’s soundbars also save energy while in use.

Price and availability
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About LG Electronics Canada Inc.
LG Electronics Canada Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc., a global technology innovator and manufacturer with a turnover of $ 56 billion and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. LG Electronics Canada Inc., which has offices in Toronto and to Vancouver, consists of four business units: household appliances, home entertainment, professional solutions and solutions for improving air quality. LG Electronics Canada strives to deliver award-winning products that are recognized for their combination of style and technology. These innovative products include televisions, audio solutions and portable devices, household appliances, residential and commercial air quality enhancement solutions, computer monitors and laptops, as well as OLED digital monitors and Suffered from point. For more information, please visit lg.ca.

About LG Electronics Home Entertainment Business Unit
LG’s Home Entertainment business unit is a global leader in television and audiovisual systems. It is also an innovative leader recognized globally for its breakthroughs in the OLED TV industry, which is revolutionizing the premium TV category. LG is committed to improving the lives of its customers through innovative home entertainment products, including award-winning QNED OLED and Mini LED TVs with Quantum Dot NanoCell technology and sound solutions designed in collaboration with Meridian Audio. For more information on LG, please visit www.LGnewsroom.com.






The processor α (Alpha) 9 of fifth generation est available in the following modelsnts: OLED Z2, OLED G2, OLED C2,


technologies /


Certified by Intertek, LG QNED TVs deliver high color consistency, recorded at 100%
in accordance with the CIE DE2000 standard, for 18 color patterns with a viewing angle of ± 30 °.


Content sharing (such as photos, music, videos) supported by compatible Android and iOS devices. duplication
the screen is supported by compatible Android devices. Support for iOS devices will be added later
in 2022.


Always Ready is available on OLED Z1, OLED G2, QNED Mini LED QNED99, QNED Mini LED QNED95 and Mini LED QNED
QNED90. This feature can be disabled in the TV settings menu.


Support for the Matter standard will be offered in the second half of 2022.

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