If aliens exist, a scientist claims to know where they are

Much has been speculated about the existence of extraterrestrial beings. At the end of last month, for example, a French scientist published an article in which he claimed that aliens not only exist, but that they are evil. An American astrophysicist, on the other hand, is not sure, but he guarantees that he knows exactly where they live, if they are right.

Would alien civilizations live on Dyson spheres built around white dwarf stars? It defends an American researcher. Photo: Ziben –

In a study published in the arxiv prepress service and already accepted by the scientific journal Royal Astronomical Society monthly announcementsBen Zuckerman, professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles, says they could live in Dyson spheres, around the shells of sun-like stars, called white dwarfs, scattered across Lane.

“This is where we should focus our search for aliens,” Zuckerman said in an interview with the website. living science. According to him, based on his research, astronomers can estimate how many extraterrestrial civilizations live in the galaxy.

There is no intelligent life without energy

The author is based on the following principle: every advanced civilization needs energy, whether it is for food, transportation, comfort or convenience.

Currently, nearly 7.8 billion people on Earth use about 160,000 watt-hours of energy each year, much of it generated by fossil fuels, which are extremely harmful to the planet’s atmosphere. The mastery of advanced technologies can allow us to favor renewable energy, such as wind power (from the wind) and solar energy (from the sun).

And that is the motivation behind Dyson Spheres, proposed by the famous physicist Freeman Dyson, who developed the idea in 1960. If an advanced civilization is serious about harnessing the incredible energy production of its host star, its individuals must build megastructures to capture it and block it out. at least some of the starlight and convert it into energy for her activities.

However, it does not matter how advanced a civilization is, or how many Dyson Spheres its members can build if they do not know exactly which stars to build their structures on.

A star like the Sun, for example, will one day turn into a red giant (an advanced stage of star life) and eventually explode, giving rise to a dense and extremely hot star called a white dwarf. This process, in turn, will overheat the inner planets of your solar system, and when the white dwarf cools, it will freeze the outer planets.

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For scientist Ben Zuckerman of the University of California, white dwarfs would be the perfect place for aliens to build Dyson spheres and inhabit them. Photo: sciencepics-

So do aliens inhabit stars and not planets?

As such, it is not a viable long-term option to stay on a planet’s surface, forcing its potential inhabitants to seek another system to call home or construct a series of habitats that harvest radiation from the remaining white dwarf.

For Zuckerman, it seems unlikely that an alien civilization would choose to travel to a new star to build a Dyson sphere. Therefore, they should only build these megastructures around their original stars, which will later become white dwarfs.

This allows scientists to create a direct connection between the life of stars and the spread of Dyson spheres. So according to Zuckerman, whose astronomers are looking for Dyson spheres around white dwarfs, it may help to assess how many advanced civilizations there may be in the Milky Way.

The scientist says that it is possible that some aliens decide not to build Dyson spheres and others that build these structures around other types of stars, but for him his theory is more likely, primarily due to the age of our galaxy.

But locating the Dyson spheres above the stars will not be easy. “The signal from the Dyson sphere is likely to be very weak compared to the star it orbits.”

Existing research on white dwarfs has found no evidence of Dyson spheres. Given the total number of white dwarfs believed to be in the Milky Way, Zuckerman estimates that no more than 3% of the habitable planets around sun-like stars give rise to a civilization that chooses to build a Dyson sphere around the white dwarf . .

However, there are so many planets around sun-like stars that this calculation gives an upper limit of 9 million potential Dyson Sphere builds in the white dwarfs of the Milky Way.

But after all, what are the chances that there is intelligent life beyond Earth? “Some astronomers, including myself, believe that technological life can be a very rare event,” Zuckerman said. “In fact, we may even have the most advanced technology in the Milky Way. But no one knows, so it’s worth looking for evidence.

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