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Promised by Emmanuel Macron during his campaign, the possibility of renting a car for 100 euros a month is harder to set up than expected.

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Remember, that was only a few weeks ago. While Emmanuel Macron was in the middle of the presidential campaign, to secure his re-election to a new mandate, he announced an unprecedented measure for motorists: the government’s creation of social leasing that allows rent an electric car for only 100 euros a month. An enticing promise at a time when the loop is tightening on thermal vehicles and where the French are rushing towards trendy models. But even if the president is now re-elected, where are we today in this matter?

Not until September 2022

It seems that the government finally needs a little more time than expected. Asked by our colleagues from France Info, the Minister for Ecological Transformation, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, provided some information on this measure, which is not ” not right now“. She explains that ” we must now involve all stakeholders in building a proposal that is most appropriate“.

The Minister also emphasizes that in order to make this system operational as soon as it is implemented, it is first necessary to ” unite the sector” , as well as ” the financiers“. For her, this new state-insured credit will not be ready until next September. In addition, the question of financing arises. According to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, approximately 100,000 people should benefit from this measure, ie. a total of 50 million euros, with a ” contribution of 500 euros that the state could give to the system“.

The Minister did not specify whether this aid of 500 euros was intended for one year or for the entire rental period. Nor did it specify the conditions and in particular the duration of the lease or the obligation or not to scrap a vehicle, to operate the scrapping bonus. So many unknown elements that prevent us from getting a more accurate idea of ​​the real impact of this device on household wallets.

🗣 Promise of E. Macron rents electric cars for € 100 a month ➡️ “It’s not for now”, recognizes Agnès Pannier-Runacher. “There are two problems: having the vehicles and we have production problems.”


– franceinfo (@franceinfo) June 2, 2022

Several barriers

As our colleagues from Les Echos point out, it is in fact still necessary to find a viable model so as to avoid the recipient having to pay the first installment of the rent, which sometimes amounts to several thousand euros. The best solution, therefore, remains for the state to take care of it. But another difficulty arises, namely to convince the manufacturers, at a time when most are already experiencing several delays in deliveries due to the semiconductor crisis. A spokesman for a brand, quoted by Les Echos, claimed that ” in the current context, it is not certain that it is in our interest to follow the system… »

Due to supply difficulties and the manufacturers’ reduced supply of electric cars at an affordable price, it may be more difficult to access entry-level models that are more likely to be favored by the recipients of this social lease. Suffice it to say that it will be necessary to be patient in order to hope to benefit from this unity, which, of course, will not be for everyone, but above all. ” to the French who need it most as the Minister explained.

Who can benefit from this lease?

If the criteria are still to be determined by the government, the Minister for Ecological Transformation already mentions two categories of beneficiaries ” which seem indisputable: those for whom the vehicle is a work tool“. She especially quotes: liberal nurses” , as well as ” those who can not afford to switch to a clean vehicle because it is too expensive on the market today“.

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