Sinnoh Pokeclicker: The Fourth Pokémon Region Walkthrough

If you too have become addicted to Pokéclicker, then you have played tirelessly, with the risk of creating tendonitis, but it’s worth it since you’ve arrived at Sinnoh! Whether you have completed the 100% Hoenn Pokédex or have chosen to change region in this challenge, we will guide you through this fourth region. In English we will use the English names of the cities, Pokémon and objects to facilitate your understanding and their French translation in parentheses.

Previous regions:

Get started in Sinnoh on Pokéclicker

You have left Hoenn and know that if you want to return there, you must unlock first Dock located in Canalave City. Do not panic, but you still have access to shortcuts, at the bottom right of your screen, so you can still access Underground and Farm. When you arrive, you can choose from three suffocate : Tortipouss, Ouisticram and Piplup.

  • Your goal is the same as the previous one: explore all roads and dungeons to complete the region and capture all the Pokémon,
  • Reminder: to unlock a route, fight 10 Pokémon on the previous route,
  • The Pokémon you will encounter along the way are much stronger and it will therefore take longer to fight and capture them,
  • We advise you to cultivate Dungeon Tokens and Quest Points well because you really need them in this new region.
Map of Sinnoh

Here is the order to complete the Sinnoh routes:

  • Twinleaf Town (Bonaugure): Take the opportunity to buy some balls for your new adventure.
  • Highway 201 : the ability to capture new Pokémon from 4G such as Étourmi (Starly), Crikzik (Kricketot) and Keunotor (Bidoof)
  • Sandgem by (Littorella): nothing to do at the moment
  • Highway 202 : the opportunity to catch Lixy (Shinx)
  • Jubilife City (Féli-Cité): a shop where you can buy moon and sun stones
  • Highway 203
  • Oreburgh Gate (Mont Charbourg): Entrance to the dungeon costs 39,000 Dungeon Tokens. You will not encounter any new 4G Pokémon there, but it is important to implement it for the first time.
  • Oreburgh City (Charbourg): You can defeat Arena Champion Roark here to get the Coal Badge.
  • ONE new mission shows “A New world”: you must defeat Team Galaxie in the Valley Windworks dungeon (we must go there)
  • Highway 204 : the ability to capture a Rozbouton (Budew).

  • Floaroma by (Floraville): An NPC teaches you how to develop your Eevee into Phyllali.
  • Valley Windworks (Aeolian Park): The entrance to the dungeon costs 43,000 tokens and you must defeat Team Galaxies Mars for the first time. Second time you can catch a Baudrive (Drifloon).
  • Highway 205 : the possibility of capturing a West Sancoki (Shellos), a West Tritosaur (Gastrodon), an Ecayon (Finneon), a Luminéon and a Mustébouée (Buisel)
  • Eterna Skov (Vestigion Forest): Access to the dungeon costs 48,000 tokens. You can catch a rabbit there
  • Eterna by (Vestigion): You must first defeat Arena Champion Gardenia before you can battle Team Galaxie. Be careful though, access to the Eterna building costs 54,250 Dungeon Tokens.
  • You have unlocked the dungeon Old Castle, next to Floaroma. Admission costs 52,500 tokens and you can capture Rotom.

  • Highway 206 : the Opportunity to Catch a Skunk (Stunky)
  • stubborn cave : the entrance to the dungeon costs 56,500 tokens and you can catch an Archeomire (Bronzor)
  • Highway 207
  • Mt Coronet (Mount Crowned): This huge site consists of several dungeons.
  • Mt Coronet South : Entrance costs 60,500 tokens and you can catch Mélo (Cleffa), Corillon, Tarinor or Archeomire (Bronzor)
  • Highway 208
  • Hearthome City (Unionpolis): You can beat Champion Fantina’s Arena to unlock the sequel.
  • Highway 209
  • Solaceon Town (Bonville): In the store you can buy one Spiritomb
  • Highway 210
  • Solaceon ruins (Ruines de Bonville): the possibility of catching hippos and Zarbi M

  • Highway 215
  • Veilstone City (Voilaroc): You must beat arena master Maylene and get the mark.
  • Highway 214 : the Possibility of Catching a Malosse (Houndour)
  • Highway 213 : the ability to catch a Pijako (Chatot), an Eastern Sancoki (Shellos) and an Eastern Tritosaur (Gastrodon)
  • Pastoria by (Verchamps): You must defeat Arena Champion Crasher Wake to get the emblem. In the shop you can buy a Rapion (Skorupi) for 6,750 quest points.
  • Highway 212 : the Possibility of Capturing a Cradopaud (Croagunk)
  • Highway 211
  • Highway 218 : the Possibility of Capturing a Chaglam (Glameow)
  • Canalave by (Joliberges): this is where the Dock is if you want to return to the former regions. You must defeat Arena Champion Byron here and get the emblem.
  • Iron Island : the entrance to the dungeon costs 66,500 tokens and you can catch a Steelix.
  • Your goal now is to save the three creatures from the lakes.
  • Highway 219
  • Highway 220
  • Highway 221
  • Pal Park : the shop allows you to buy exclusive Pokémon like Apitrini (Combee), Cheniti Plante (Burmy) and Ceribou (Cherubi) in exchange for some Quest Points.

  • Lake Valor : the first lake is just above road 213 (the square is usually orange, which symbolizes that you have to go there). Access to the dungeon costs 69,500 tokens and you must defeat one of the Team Galaxie administrators for the first time.
  • Lake Verity : The second lake is to the left of Route 201. The entrance costs 72,500 tokens. Again, defeat the Team Galaxie administrator
  • Lake Acuity : to unlock the last lake, first return to Mt Coronet and head north.
  • Mt Coroneth North : the entrance to the dungeon costs 74,500 tokens and you can find a Blizzi (Snover)
  • Way 216 : you can catch a Dimoret (Sneasel) and a Blizzi (Snover)
  • Highway 217
  • Snowpoint City (Frimapic): You must beat the arena master Candice.
  • You will finally have unlocked access to the third lake
  • Lake Acuity : it’s right next to Frimapic. Accessing the dungeon costs 78,000 tokens and you must beat a Team Galaxie administrator again.

  • Now go back to Veilstone City (next to Route 215) and fight Team Galaxie at their headquarters.
  • Team Galactic HQ : The dungeon costs 82,500 tokens and you will have to meet the leader of Team Galaxie.
  • Spear column : Return to Mt Coronet to make this dungeon. Admission costs 84,500 tokens and you still need to beat Team Galaxie.
  • Distortion World (right in the middle of Mt Coronet): the entrance to the dungeon costs 86,500 tokens. You will have to defeat Team Galaxie Boss again. You get a Masterball.
  • Highway 222
  • Sunyshore City (Rivamar): You must beat Arena Champion Volkner to get the emblem.
  • Highway 223 : you can catch a Babymanta (Mantyke)

  • Victory Road Sinnoh (Victory Road): The entrance to the dungeon costs 89,500 tokens.
  • Pokémon League Sinnoh (Pokémon League): As always, meet the trainers in order: Aaeon, Bertha, Flint, Lucian and then Cynthia. The battles are extremely difficult, so you need to make sure that your click attack and your Pokémon attack are optimized.
  • Once the league is defeated, the rest of the map is unlocked: routes 224 to 230, the battle zone, the remaining dungeons, etc.

How to complete Sinnoh’s Pokédex to 100%?

Once the league is defeated, you will have access to all routes and dungeons in Sinnoh. Here are the few Pokémon to catch that you will not have encountered during your adventure:

  • Cranidos and Charcos (Railing) : the little dinosaur is available via the skull fossil (available underground),
  • Dinocler (Shieldon) and Bastiodon : this second dinosaur is obtained thanks to the armor fossil,
  • Rapion (Skorupi): to buy in the shop in Pastoria City
  • Spiritomb : purchased at the Solaceon Town store
  • apitrini (Combee), Cheniti (Burmy) and Cheribou (Cherubi): can be purchased at the Pal Park Store or can be captured as a Wandering Pokémon on the farm
  • With Weather you can get Ceriflor Soleil (Cherrim),
  • Some Pokémon only evolve if you take them to a specific place : Magneton at Mt Coronet to get Magnezone, Eevee at Eterna Forest to get Phyllali and at Lake Acuity to get Givrali, Tarinor (Nosepass) at Mt Coronet to get Tarinorme (Probopass)
  • Be interested in everyone too Baby Pokemon which can be obtained by making eggs from their parents
  • Some Pokémon can only be obtained through specific evolutionary objects such as Lucario, for example,
  • Manaphy: a Roamer Pokémon that can be obtained from any path. Talk to the NPC in the Survival Area (after the league) to find out which route has been boosted.
  • Créfollet (Mesprit): after completing the Lake Verity dungeon, you’ll be able to get it as a Pokémon Roamer. Talk to the NPC in the Survival Area (after the league) to find out which route has been boosted.
  • Cresselia : Once the Fullmoon Island dungeon is complete, you can have it as a Pokémon Roamer. Talk to the NPC in the Survival Area (after the league) to find out which route has been boosted.
  • Armor : in the Stark Mountain dungeon
  • Heatran : in the Stark Mountain dungeon, after League
  • Arceus : in Hall of Origin (after the league),
  • Regigigas : in the Snowpoint Temple dungeon, after League
  • Shaymin : in the Flower Paradise dungeon, after League
  • darkrai : in Newmoon Island dungeon, after League
  • Giratina : in the Distortion World dungeon, after League
  • Palkia and Dialga : in the dungeon of the Spear Column, after the League
  • Crefadet (Azelf): in Lake Valor, after the league
  • Motisma (Rotom): in the Team Galactic Eterna Building dungeon
  • Crehelf (Uxie): in Lake Acuity, after the League

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