Does Metaverse announce the end of social networking?

A fully legitimate question that could “worry” all those actors who use social networks: Do the Metavers mark the imminent end of social networking?

Whether it’s brands, companies and even influencers, for whom social networks are just spaces or fields of work. All the more so for influencers who for them are direct leverage in terms of visibility.

Many actors such as agencies like Netino by Webhelp, will see new businesses and support opportunities to make better use of Metaverse. We can emphasize the social leadership of the future within Metaverne, but also all actors within social media, advertising and e-commerce in a broad sense.

The disappearance of social networks!

I would be tempted to say very likely, but I very much doubt that the channels as we know them today, like Facebook, have done nothing to break into Metaverset. Facebook has made it its own brand image so others will follow IMHO. A disappearance of what we know, yes, but one migration to Metaverse would be more obvious.

How ? it needs to be defined, but it can be the subject of a network within the network where it will no longer be a matter of creating a simple account or a page, but rather a world in itself. Community management will no doubt be richer for brands if this opportunity is proven. At the same time, it will be interesting to see how moderation in Metaverse will be administered; a great new challenge!

Will virtual reality make the difference?

Why such a question? Simply because they are universes where interactions take precedence, with content sharing on both sides, but a more lively and tangible form on the side of Metaverset. If it remains virtual, it is reality recreated from scratch that provides a clear advantage here. If you have ever tried virtual reality headsetyou should understand a little more about the phenomenon.

If a migration of brands, companies, etc. takes place over the years, even slowly, this will be an unmistakable sign. Everyone is waiting for his neighbor, to know how he will utilize Metaverse and the business without a doubt. But if the potential is there, the horses will no doubt be unleashed!

We may also wonder how the smartphone is going to play a role and whether connections will be possible via virtual reality headsets. A means that would make it possible to offer nomadic experiences, at least for professional use.

virtual reality headset

Facebook was therefore a forerunner with the acquisition of Oculus, because nothing was due to coincidences regarding the future of Metaverse. I’ve repeated it for a few months, Metaverses is not new, but a continuation of what we saw with Second Life in 2003 and Sony with its PlayStation 3, which had also recreated a dedicated universe, accessible from the console.

It is the virtual reality headset that in my opinion will make all the difference. Metaverset, in turn, becomes a professional tool and a leisure universe where people can escape.

The migration of brands and influencers to Metaverse

That new social networks always attract brands and influencers, if nothing else, to diversify their presence and meet the needs and expectations of consumers. The TikTok network has clearly shown that it can take over flagship network of influencers ; Instagram, and this in a short time.

The migration of brands and influencers to Metaverse

Like any self-respecting news or innovation in terms of digital channel, Metaverse arises there! Social networks are tools that quickly show their limits compared to Metavers. These will not only make it possible to exchange, share, engage, but in one 3d world if I may say so. It will no longer be a matter of creating an account or a page, but perhaps a world in the long run.

Suffice it to say that the end of social networking is near, but nothing says they do not have a secret boot and an innovative way of connect to Metaverse. Both brands and influencers have every interest in being vigilant on the subject.

Facebook was pretty much a forerunner in buying Oculus and completely migrating its “network” to Meta.

We assume that an expectation smoothly led by Mark Zuckerberg and his team for several years with a clear vision, has brought us so far. For the other players, the future is being played out right now, because no matter what people say, users will not be able to divide endlessly between all these digital spaces.

Influencers will no doubt have big cards to play and there is no doubt that brands will follow this very closely! We can also imagine level of creativity it will result, just like the services that will arise to create completely tailored universes. A migration will happen quickly if the potential is there and both brands and influencers see it as a great playground.


The metaverset has not yet delivered everything to us, and especially all its obscure facets like its quintessence. If virtual reality headsets approach perfection and offer total immersion, there is no doubt that the public will be there and respond to the appointment.

We will finally end with Wait & See, because so far it is still speculation, but with a real window open for i.a. the future of consumption.

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