Asus Vivobook 13 Slate review, the ultimate PC / tablet?

Vivobook 13 Slate, available since the beginning of the year, tries to solve the main problem for users with a content budget. Namely, to decide to choose between productivity and leisure. In fact, for this price, if you want to take advantage of a high-performance tablet, you often have to opt for a Chromebook. Although the operating system of these machines is versatile, it is not suitable for everyone.

And if the choice is ultimately a Windows PC at the start level, then the digital tablet to relax will generally not exceed 10 inches. So with its 13.3-inch Full HD OLED screen, removable keyboard, stylus and maximum price of 699 euros, Vivobook 13 Slate is almost like a UFO.

Is he able to keep his double promise? That is, to be able to make us work efficiently and at the same time entertain ourselves properly. The answer after several weeks of use.

Vivobook 13 Slate price and availability

To attach the services from Vivobook 13 Slate, you have the choice of three configurations, but only one color, black.

For 499 euros you will have 4 GB RAM, 128 GB eMMC storage space and his crutch. Second, count 599 euros, to take advantage of the detachable keyboard. Finally, for 699 euros, this time you can take advantage of 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of SSD storage space, the two aforementioned accessories as well as the Asus Pen 2.0 stylus.

Logically, we advise you to choose bundle the most expensive. In fact, if you choose the first one, you will want a relatively expensive Windows 11 tablet. A fun idea.

And if you choose the intermediate formula, eMMC storage can quickly show its limits if you want a versatile product. Believe us, the third option is the wisest. And in addition, you get the right to a very practical carrying case, which you can see later.

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An OLED screen at this price is invaluable

For some time, and for our greatest happiness, Asus has made OLED its workhorse. Vivobook 16X and S15, Zenbook 13 and Pro Duo 15 … All the latest additions to the manufacturer’s catalog truly integrate this display technology. With its 13.3-inch Full HD (1920 × 1080) panel, the Vivobook 13 Slate is no exception to this rule. Touch-sensitive and certified HDR True Black 500, this screen offers deep black shades and sparkling colors with a rendering very true to reality.

Those who prefer a more saturated colorimetry can be reassured, it is possible to switch to “Vivid” mode or to adjust it manually. Watching a movie in the dark on your sofa, writing emails outside on a terrace, surfing social networks in bed … All the activities are a pure pleasure for our peepers, whether it is on a PC or tablet. Especially since the four speakers, located on the left and right edge, offer powerful sound and really comfortable spaciousness.

To quarrel, we noticed that the brightness was sometimes a bit tight in direct sunlight, so we just had to activate the HDR mode to solve the problem. Finally, also note that the 16/9 screen is a bit unsettling at first when using the Vivobook 13 Slate vertically in tablet format. In just under two weeks, you will get used to it without any problems.

3 accessories to enhance this tablet

With its clean lines and neat frame, the tablet exudes solidity, even before you take it in hand. Once done, we have to admit that the slate is impressive, 31 x 19 x 0.79 cm, at 795 grams, so it took us a while to adjust to being able to handle it without being afraid of losing it. At the back there is a black anodized coating of greatest effect. This set is disturbed only by a long gray rectangle, tinted with minimalist green inscriptions.

A quality backside

To use this plate with more comfort, it is necessary to add our first accessory: the removable rocker support. The latter attaches, quickly and very easily, thanks to magnets placed on the upper back and offers an inclination of up to 170 degrees. This grandeur allowed us to watch movies at 90 degrees and play games at 20 degrees, all comfortably.

To convert this set to a PC, simply add its keyboard via a connector. The operation always went smoothly and smoothly. Likewise, we were able to use this keyboard for two months at regular intervals in our working days and we have to admit that it holds up really well. The keys are slightly curved and are ideally suited for long typing sessions, and the distance is appropriate. Writing comfort is there, and the touchpad is relatively wide, 12.8 by 6.4 cm. Only (big) regret, this keyboard is not backlit.

To complete the experience, the Asus Pen 2.0 is the kind of little detail that makes the difference on a daily basis. Very practical and responsive, it served as an extra mouse thanks to its “right-click” button.

Although it can be stored to the right of the disc, this will not be enough to recharge it, to do this it must be connected to USB-C. In itself, this is not a problem as its advertised autonomy is 140 hours.

Yes for students, no for creative

Attractive price, serious production quality, excellent OLED display … Asus had to make a concession somewhere. With its 8GB of RAM and Intel Pentium N6000 processor, the Vivobook 13 Slate delivers, shall we say, modest performance. What is to be understood by this? For simple office automation, note taking, navigation and very low consumption 2D or 3D games, it will perform its role without any problems.

It will still be necessary to be careful not to ask too much of it in multitasking and not to leave more than twenty tabs open at the same time, at the risk of suffering some slowdowns. The use of more advanced software is not discouraged, it is an idea to banish unless you want latency to become its best costume.

In addition, with a maximum memory of 128 GB, it is logically impossible to ignore an external storage medium. On the connection side, it is also the union minimum. Two USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports for charging, a mini-jack and a microSD card reader. In tablet format, the Windows 11 experience is interesting, but the Microsoft Store is still light in terms of applications, strong that Android is going to lend a hand with.

Autonomy, a good or a short day

With its 50W 3-cell Li-Po battery, Vivobook 13 Slate is durable for pure office use, with basic web browsing and 70% brightness. In this configuration, he always had a good long working day, just over 8 hours.

In the evening we had to plug it in to enjoy it a little more. Other days we allowed ourselves to poke a little more, a little Netflix during the lunch break, a Spotify tab active a good part of the afternoon, and two big video meetings.

As a result, it had to be brought closer to the socket much earlier. Without being bad, its autonomy does not allow it to free itself from its charger as soon as we pass our doorstep. Luckily for him, the 65W power supply is pretty fast, we clocked an average of 45 minutes to get him from 0 to 65%.

Without nomadism, versatility is nothing

It is almost a necessity, otherwise they lose much of their attractiveness. Versatile products are really appreciated when they marry nomadism. Is this the case here? For this, let’s look at the weight of all accessories. Earlier we saw that the tablet alone weighed (already) 789 grams. We must therefore add the keyboard, 340 g, the crutch, 268 g, as well as the charger, 221 g, which fortunately turns out to be quite light.

In total, to transport all this beautiful little world, it will be necessary to walk around with 1.6 kg. That’s quite enough for a 13.3-inch product. Nomadism is guaranteed here.

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Our opinion after testing the Asus Vivobook 13 Slate

With this PC / tablet, Asus has obviously come hunting for Surface Go 3’s land. Although the latest Microsoft seems to offer performance a bit over, thanks to its Core i3, it only offers a panel of 10.5 inch LCD and screens a slightly higher price, around 750 euros. With its excellent OLED display, its manufacturing quality and its correct autonomy, the Vivobook 13 Slate suddenly becomes much more than a slut.

Web browsing, video streaming on Netflix or Twitch, some basic video games, video calling. For a teenager who does not play games and who has a budget that can not be extended, the Vivobook 13 Slate will be more than enough.

With tranquility for classic office automation or on the cloud, it is also a great product for a college or business school student or more simply for someone who needs an easily portable PC. If you do not fit in these boxes, continue. Could not be clearer.


Design and finish

8.0 / 10

Autonomy and charging

8.0 / 10

Techno-price ratio

8.5 / 10

We love

  • An amazing OLED screen
  • A comfortable keyboard
  • Good versatility
  • Easily transportable

We love less

  • Performance limited to office automation
  • Autonomy a little fair
  • A tablet format that requires time to adapt
  • Low storage space

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