a good trick to geolocate someone without them knowing

In our current society, everyone feels more and more monitored. Whether it is from big brands or governments, the use of e.g. face recognition cameras!

The maturity of surveillance is becoming more and more worrying …

Today, it is the famous WhatsApp application that is the core of the debate. In fact, you probably all know this application that allows you to send messages. Many people have installed it on their iPhone or Android, but beware, it may hide its true intentions from you!

WhatsApp, like many other applications, allows people who communicate with each other to share their location, for example, to find themselves anywhere on the planet. Originally, this system was undoubtedly designed for good reasons, and we must admit that it can really be very practical!

But like any breakthrough, we can also abuse it. Loss of trust in your spouse, protection of your child: after confirmation of receipt (seen / read), location is the new fashionable monitoring system.

By pressing a button in the chat, without entering the address of your contact, it will appear on your plan.

But there is a way to retrieve the geolocation without asking the opinion of your contact, some people actually like to find small tips in the successful use of the Meta group (Facebook).

The trick to finding one of your contacts without them knowing!

First of all, you need to know that you need a computer to use this trick. But to complicate your task a bit, you need to know that you can not use any computer. You must have a PC (and not a Mac for example) and that the latter must be equipped with Windows 10.

You need to have a conversation with the fairly recent person. Log in to the computer version of the Whatsapp application and tap Control + Alt + Delete from your PC. This will open “Windows Task Manager”. From there, simply press Win + R to open the feature “Run the operating system”, then type “cmd” and finally press the Enter key on your keyboard.

When all these little actions are done, your terminal opens and a command appears where you have to type ‘netstat-an’, press the Enter key on your keyboard again. If all the steps are performed correctly in the correct order, then you get your contact’s IP address, so with that IP address, simply enter it into Google to find the other person’s approximate location.

Important: This trick should never be used to spy on or harm other people. It simply saves time finding an approximate location for one of your contacts.

As you have seen, this method is not necessarily complicated, but it is quite long and tedious and requires you to use a computer.

If you want to know where a person is, the easiest way is to ask them!

There is a good chance that people who use this technique do so for the wrong reasons, yes, no one has any particular interest in hiding their location from you unless you are actually malicious. So do not use this trick for the wrong reasons.

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