5 Renault Espace for less than € 25,000

Are you looking for a spacious car, but do not want a minivan or SUV? It’s good, Renault Espace is none of the parts, and for under € 25,000 there are plenty of copies. On the other hand, at this price it will be necessary to make some concessions.

Renault Espace is one of the vehicles that will have brand France. First, by its unusual shape at the time, but also and above all of modularity of its cabinwith seats that could be slid on rails or dismantled to achieve ample cargo space.

Espace will know four “classic” generations until Renault decides to do so develop the concept in 2015. Now MPV has been in decline for several years facing the SUV which, however, does not prove to be more habitable and even less modular. The ways of fashion are definitely impenetrable …

Espace V mixes genres, between station wagon, minivan and SUV. Inside you feel immediately the large vertical screen 9.3-inch, which controls most vehicle functions. In the second row we find 3 individual seats. These are sliding and adjustable in inclination, but they are not not removable, they fold back into the floor. The legroom is very generous. This is obviously a little less the case in third place.

Espace may have controlled damping and 4-wheel steering, for the benefit of maneuverability, agility and stability. We will also appreciate the soundproofing and suspension comfort. Under the bonnet is offered a single engine: 2.0 dCi, in 160 or 190 hp versions, connected in both cases with a 6-speed automated gearbox.

Let us add that in the set price range, you will find it very difficult to find one 7-person version, as well as the offered models have all traveled more than 50,000 km. Finally, due to the diesel engine, all Espaces are homologated Crit’air 2.

Renault Espace, 2017, € 18,900

For less than € 19,000, it is therefore possible to afford a Renault Espace with a 12-month warranty. This Gray Cassiopée copy from October 2017 has just over 108,000 km on the odometer. It has leather / fabric seats with electric adjustment and panoramic sunroof.

Renault Espace, 2017, € 19,980

Just below the € 20,000 mark, this Celestial Blue model with a 6-month warranty has 118,600 km on the odometer and was first registered in September 2017. Like the previous model, it has an Intense finish, but this example is one of the few who are available with 7 places.

Renault Espace, 2017, € 20,990

This beige color is quite rare and gives Space a little extra elegance. This model from the end of 2017 is the first of our range to remain below the 100,000 km mark. It comes with a 6 month warranty. It is a Zen model with electric leather seats and panoramic sunroof.

Renault Espace, 2018, € 22,990

Amethyst Black gives this Espace the look of an official car. This Initial Paris version is a top in the series where leather is practically ubiquitous. Also note specific aluminum rims. Put into circulation for the first time in July 2018, this example has just over 80,000 km on the odometer and benefits from a 12-month warranty.

Renault Espace, 2018, € 23,490

Classic and elegant, anthracite gray fits the room like a glove. This June 2018 model has the lowest mileage of our range (79,569 km). This is also an Initiale Paris version, here with black leather interior. A 6-month warranty is provided. The body has some minor injuries. This can be an opportunity to try a negotiation.

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