Wow, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple graphics are really down to earth

Nintendo and Pokémon Company have released a new Pokémon Scarlet and Purple gameplay trailer. It raises serious questions about the Switch’s ability to run a true open world experience. Here are 6 screenshots that prove it …

Pokémon is a flagship saga that always gives the impression of evolving with more trains behind. And this is not the last trailer of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, sent June 1, which will change that reality. In three minutes, the video is able to amaze us (the abscesses of ultra-sweet creatures) and make us cry blood tears.

For it must be admitted, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is graphically very ugly. There is the purely technical aspect, attached to a console that is not powerful enough to accommodate a very ambitious project, quickly betrayed by rough textures. There are also the artistic choices, with a touch that mixes realism and comic in a strange cocktail. What makes you want to revive the rumors of the arrival of a Switch Pro that would not sacrifice the visual part.

Footage that does not honor the game

Observe the grass, the contours of the branches of the trees, the rocks, the hair, the cutting of the various elements that appear … Nothing is clear. The backgrounds are nothing to sneeze at. We can even see that some characters have faces without any details, while this is a trailer that should show the game at its best. In the current situation, it is difficult to be completely convinced. And we do not notice a marked development in relation to Legends: Pokemon Arceus.

Is it a bush or a cluster of pixels? // Source: YouTube / Nintendo France
Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple
Oh…. beautiful flowers … // Source: YouTube / Nintendo France
Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple
Are they stones? Are the putty-cut parallelepipeds? // Source: YouTube / Nintendo France
Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple
What depth of field! Love 2D. // Source: YouTube / Nintendo France
Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple
It’s a little empty around here, isn ‘t it? // Source: YouTube / Nintendo France

The switch is not strong enough and Pokémon are here to prove it

The Nintendo Switch has never been a very powerful console. After its release, it showed irreparable shortcomings. But we ended up getting used to it as Nintendo does its best to optimize resources (with controlled projects such as. BOTW). But the boundaries end up being seen when developers want to go further. Nintendo has an immunity totem attached to its superior creativity – which it does – but its rejection of the race for power becomes a problem when it limits what is possible. The graphics never become a game, but there is still a minimum to respect.

The new generation Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is a glaring symbol of this: the Pokémon Company wants to imagine a real experience in an open world, populated by several creatures. Instead, we find ourselves in environments with an abyss, with visual defects that stand out too much, to the point that we forget the qualities of the gameplay. They confirm that the Nintendo Switch today has shoulders that are too fragile to realize the ambitions of a saga that is too used to treading water.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple
We have seen more beautiful mobile games // Source: Screenshot

The comparison is necessarily painful when we look at the tenors of the open world, who are being appreciated more and more under ultra-comfortable conditions on the latest consoles (example: Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5). With Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, we currently have the impression of taking 10 steps back. And when we read in the press release that we can explore the different locations in the region with a maximum of 4 players », We are seriously in doubt about the technical soundness of the experience.

Upon arrival, we come to fear the worst for the rest of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildwhich deserves to be released on a console armed to transcend an ingenious recipe.

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