Pokémon: A historic member of Game Freak leaves his post!

Play news Pokémon: A historic member of Game Freak leaves his post!

Few internal features from Game Freak reach us. In general, the studio behind the Pokémon games remains discreet around its job changes, but here things are different. One of the founders of the studio has just officially left it.

In 1989, three young Japanese decided so start their own study of development, Play Freakwhose name is taken from a fanzine designed and distributed by a particular Satoshi Tajiri. You probably know him as the creator of Pokemon after being a bug collector in his youth.

Huge change at the helm of Game Freak

Very discreet as it gave only a few interviews around his career, he created his studio by surrounding himself with two key figures, who are Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda. Together and from 1989 they published Mendel Palace, followed in 1991 by Mario and Yoshi. Five other games will be released in the sequel, however it’s in 1996 and with much delay Game Freak releases a game that will change the lives of the three men and their team, but also the world of entertainment. February 27, 1996 actually comes out the very first generation of Pokemon via the red and green versions, supplemented by the blue version.

In Europe, we will wait until October 8, 1999 to discover these games, which have become Pokémon Red and Blue. The trio never left the studio, but as Pokémon Scarlet / Purple approached, big change just happened. Junichi Masudacomposer, project manager, programmer and producer, has just announced that he had left his position as General Manager of Game Freak on May 31, a few years after handing over control of the production of the Pokémon games to Shigeru Ohmori from the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions:

I was the director of the Pokémon video game series, from Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and I participated in the development of many video games, including Pokémon GO. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all Pokémon fans.

In the future, I hope to cross the boundaries of video games, try to bring more surprises, fun and excitement to people around the world, while doing my best to connect people, expand the circle of “games” and help create a richer world to share. I appreciate your continued support in my new role.

A big change for the Pokémon license?

Pokémon: A historic member of Game Freak leaves his post!

Junichi Masuda, who gave his name to one famous Pokémon breeding technique to optimize the achievement of the chromatic, therefore, leaves the direction of the study after 23 years of career. But is he done with pokemon until now? No way! If he leaves Game Freak, it’s becoming Chief Creative Fellow at The Pokémon Companya strange job title already attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto at Nintendo. Specifically, he becomes responsible for the creation and will help the teams create the games without being directly involved in the development. Shigeru Ohmori should therefore have a little more freedom in the future, but the study has been very taciturn about it:

The Pokémon Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Junichi Masuda as Chief Creative Fellow with effect from June 1, 2022. Junichi Masuda served as General Manager of Game Freak Inc., the original creator of Pokémon, until May 31st. As one of the founding members of Game Freak, he was involved in the development of the Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version, which supported the development of the Pokémon video game series for many years. Masuda-san will use his deep understanding of the Pokémon brand to develop new services and products within the Pokémon Company that draw on his many years of experience and creative thinking.

let’s remember that we have an appointment this afternoon with Pokémon Scarlet / Purpleas a new trailer and new information will be revealed at 15 o’clock sharply on the Pokémon YouTube channel!

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