Patch 9.2.5 – Liberate the Ruins of Lordaeron: New Quests, Lore and Cutscene! -World of Warcraft

Another surprise from Shadowland’s patch 9.2.5! After the cutscene with Anduin and Sylvanas, Blizzard sends us to free Lordaeron from the plague that has covered it from Battle for Azeroth. Not only will you travel to Brill to prepare for the liberation of the city, but you will also witness the creation of the Austere Forsaken Council and enjoy a cutscene and a performance that unlocks the title “From Lordaeron” and an adaptation to Forest and Dark forest livers.

Call Lordaeron

It is Calia Menthil in the Oribos enclave who is calling for your help. Now that Shadowlands is gradually healing from the wounds caused by the prison guard, it’s time to deal with Lordaeron and Forsaken. The Glades of Tirisfal need your help.

When you arrive at Brill, you will need to gather several central Forsaken characters to hold a brief meeting on how to best free Lordaeron from the plague that surrounds it: Dark Ranger Velonara, Lilian Voss, and Master Apothecary Faranell. Note that Commander Belmont will also be attending the party. Along the way, you are asked to kill a few monsters lurking around.

Pestivore and Maldraxxus

When all these beautiful people are gathered in the inn Brill, you will attend the congress on the plague. During this, Calia Menethil will earn streaks and the priority will be on the best way to eliminate the plague. Faranell will offer you its last pestivor, a creature that is able to eliminate the plague, but which you will have to improve and multiply if you want a chance to clean up such a large and deeply bruised area. You will need, with the help of Calia, to collect a sample of the poison and then bring it and the pestivor to Maldraxxus.

Margrave Sin’dane will, after a little chat with Calia, direct you to the House of the Plague, and more specifically Marileth. The latter will be impressed by the plague test from Lordaeron, and while working on the subject, your goal will be to strengthen the famous pestivor. This will be done by absorbing various products, but also by killing monsters.

After defeating the Plague of Lordaeron, a huge creature, you will head to Brill for the last part of your journey. It is time to cleanse the plague and be able to walk on the surface of the ruins of Lordaeron again! Faranell will make sure to propagate the pestivors and you will be able to spread them everywhere by riding on an ombroptera, a special mount. A fight will follow against a giant pestivor …

Liberation by Lordaeron and Austere Forsaken Council

This is where you will live a very important moment for the future of World of Warcraft, and in particular for Forsaken. The latter will truly choose a tight council whose goal will be to lead the Forsaken and find the Underbyen. A discussion ensued, which you can find below.

After several years spent in other capitals, I admit that I got a push in my heart to find the ruins of Lordaeron with my Undead Mage. Note, however, that it is currently impossible to enter Undercity. The plague still needs to be cleared there and the doors leading to the lifts are closed.

When the meeting is over, you will find Calia Menethil and Lilian Voss in the throne room. A new movie is available for the occasion and I invite you to discover it a little further down.

Once completed, you will complete the Return to Lordaeron achievement, which gives you two rewards:

  • The title “of Lordaeron”.
  • Adaptation to “Forest and Dark-Forest” elves.

Calia and Sin’dane at Forsaken

Calia Menethil : Before I go, I have a question for you about the nature of undeath, Margrave.

Margrave Sin’dane : You will not find anyone better informed on this subject than I, mortals. I’m listening to you.

Calia Menethil : The Forsaken were resurrected through necromancy, and this common origin has made them a close-knit community. I, on the other hand, have been brought back by the Light, and I wonder if I will ever be able to find my place in their ranks.

Margrave Sin’dane : Necromania is the art of animating the flesh left by life. Here at Maldraxxus, we use magic and death to serve our purpose. But whether these rituals are driven by death, light, or any other source of energy, it is the same. You see difference where there is none, my child.

Calia Menethil : Maybe I’ve finally found my raison d’etre … Thank you, Margrave. Your perspective has allowed me to take a step back.

Establishment of the strictly abandoned council

Lilian Voss : No more banshee queen, no more pretense. The abandoned are a motley group that should be led by a council, not a single tyrannical figure.

Dark Forester Velonara : You can count on our support.

Deathstalker Commander Belmont : Do you want to appoint a Menethil to the council?

Calia Menethil : I can not deny the shadows of my past, but I am not interested in power. My place is here and I swear to serve all our people.

Pharmacist Faranell : I trust you, Lady Menethil. We pharmacies will help you create a better future.

Lilian Voss : In this case, it is understood. We are the strict council and we represent the abandoned.

Velonara Dark Ranger

Velonara Dark Ranger: When the dark elves resurfaced, Silvermoon turned its back on us and we lost everything we loved. We ended up finding our place here, in the ruins of Lordaeron. But as the plague spread in the wake of the war, we thought we would lose them too. Today, in addition to regaining what is ours, we are taking a fresh start. And none of this would have been possible without you. Together, Forsaken will build a new future in these countries. As for you, you will always be welcome among us. Al diel shala. Goodbye.

Calia Menethil and Lilian Voss

Calia Menethil: This room has seen so many ceremonies, festivities … And so many tragedies. I loved my family. Then came the fateful day when I lost everything. Today, I am the only survivor of Menethil’s high line. The last heir of a family who died in suspicion.

Lilian Voss: So you ran from suffering. Like me. But it was only the day I stopped running that I understood … The people out there … It’s my family now.

Calia Menethil: Do I really want to be a part of it one day? My name is forever stained by my brother’s faults … Like these stones are stained with my father’s blood.

Lilian Voss: We bear the same burden, Calia. We seek our place in this world after losing everything. But the road is long and we will find our place as a united people. They rejected people.

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