In stock for Xbox Series X, and it’s now!

This is the battle for next generation consoles. Between Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the success is total, but the availability … a little less. That said, do not lose hope as this news comes just to warn you that there is stock of Xbox Series X at this exact time, do not waste any more time and go for our links.

Xbox Series X is back in stock right now!

As this news has just been announced, Xbox Series X shares are currently available. Do not disperse yourself as the refills usually do not last more than a few minutes. Go straight to the link located a few inches below this section.

Update 06/01/2022 at 17:42. : Xbox Series X at E.Leclerc.

Buy Xbox Series X at E.Leclerc

If you missed it, it’s not a big deal, Xbox Series X arrivals still happen regularly. You will therefore inevitably succeed in getting your fingers in one of these beautiful new generation consoles.

For a year and a half now, next-generation consoles have been almost permanently sold out. It makes you wonder why there is such a situation on these wonderful consoles that we all hope one day to see the throne in our living room.

The situation is actually a bit complicated and depends on many points.

  • Lack of semiconductors whose demand exceeds production capacity
  • A cost in energy and raw materials that explode
  • A particularly tense geopolitical situation
  • And add to that a little pandemic and you get a nice cocktail

As you will have understood, the context is not really conducive to fast and efficient global production. That said, you really should not lose hope and we assure you that one day you will get an Xbox Series X.

Already because with power, everyone will end up having their own console and that the shares on the latter will not be as stormy as at the moment, giving you the freedom to get one.

So in a little while, the geopolitical climate or the current shortage of components will end up calming down, and we will therefore definitely find the production flow and availability of products that we were used to in the past.

In any case, until then, we have some advice to give you to help you get your fingers in a next generation console as soon as possible, although we at JVTECH closely monitor inventories.

The best ways to get your hands on an Xbox Series X

Before we talk about the Xbox Series X, maybe we could start with its little sister Series S, which also allows you to play next-generation games and still have a slightly lower price. Moreover, this is regularly in stock for € 299 on Amazon e.g.

To take a quick look at the Xbox Series S, it’s simple. It does not have a disk drive, does not allow 4K and that’s all. No big differences therefore, but which are still sufficient to avoid the production problems that its big sister encounters.

At least, let’s focus on the Xbox Series X now. To find one, there are not many solutions, but what we will tell you will definitely help you get your fingers in it easier and above all faster.

First point, create customer accounts at most major online outlets in France. It is primarily from them that you will be more likely to see stocks arrive.

And why a customer account? Very simple answer, the pre-creation of your account ensures a minimum of procedures to be performed when Xbox Series X stocks become available. On sites like Amazon for example, this reduces your number of clicks to one.

Usually you have already filled in your payment and delivery information in advance.

In any case, in addition to JV alerts, you can keep certain tabs open.

  • Check the Xbox Series X inventory at Amazon
  • Check out Xbox Series X shares at Fnac
  • Check out Xbox Series X shares at Cdiscount
  • Check out Xbox Series X shares at Micromania
  • Check out Xbox Series X shares at Leclerc

Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X

Of course, we could not talk about the Microsoft console without talking about the Sony console, Playstation 5. These two consoles actually share common points, although their designs are radically different.

So even though the war is raging between the fans of the two consoles, we assure you that we are not here to decide, but to lead people who do not yet know too much about it, to orient themselves.

In any case, the Xbox Series X is heavy under the hood.

  • Velocity architecture that connects SSD to RAM
  • 12 teraflops
  • An 8-core processor clocked at 3.8 GHz
  • 16 GB GDDR6 RAM
  • A sublime PCiE gen 4 SSD

In short, you get an experience similar to a fairly advanced gaming PC, but with a much lower price. Owners of 4K TVs will also be delighted as they will be able to play in 4K at 120 Fps (if the latter allows it) on games that are capable of it.

Another good point about the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Game Pass. Also available on PC, this is a small revolution in the world of video games, and even software. The widely acclaimed service has become a true Netflix of video games.

There are a wealth of games available, including the latest titles from Microsoft, in exchange for a small monthly subscription, which becomes very easily profitable.

Basically, you will be able to rent your games and install them on your machine thanks to this service. Instead of video, we are now switching to video games on demand. In addition, Microsoft regularly adds titles.

The Xbox Series X interface is designed to work with Game Pass and especially from an interface point of view. That said, we could not help but remind you that these next-generation consoles are also full of applications located outside the confines of video games, so something to have fun with.

And a little point at the end, we also advise you to orient your choice according to the exclusive available on the various consoles. Since it will take some time before these games show up elsewhere if that happens.

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