A highway in the countryside west of Lyon is creating controversy

The town of Charly in the western part of Lyon has a huge agricultural area of ​​several hectares. This space arouses many desires. First imagined as the future cemetery of Metropolis Lyon, it finds itself at the heart of a political and media controversy. Would this green area become a road dedicated to heavy goods vehicles?

We are in Charly, a peaceful town west of Lyon. This rather rural town with 4,600 inhabitants is known for its production of Burlat cherries. But the proximity to Lyon makes it more and more a “college town”.

The daily lives of the inhabitants are disrupted by a constant traffic of heavy freight vehicles crossing the city center to gain access to the company they depend on.
A risk to our children, our community is struggling to secure this area of ​​the city“. Yves Pacheco is one of the local residents who is affected by the regular passage of these trucks (which sometimes weigh more than 40 tons) and chairman of the collective that brings them together.”We’ve been thinking of solutions for years … if one day an accident happened, who would be responsible?

His observation is neutral, objective. He calls for an agreement between the various stakeholders in this matter. “The dispute between elected representatives does not concern us” he said.

In addition to local residents, there are several to intervene.
On the one hand, the entrepreneur, “knowing about the inconvenience”. His activity is commendable: he recycles plants. But its dozens of trucks cross the city to supply the platform near the city.

In return, the mayor of the municipality has been fighting for several months to keep his agricultural land. The metropolis of Lyon had for a time imagined creating a huge cemetery to meet the challenges of this area. The project has finally been redesigned, not to mention … buried.

And finally there is the local alternate “just doing his job”.

At the request of the residents, the constituency deputy, Cyrille Isaac Sybille (Modem), decided to listen to all parties, elected representatives, residents and the entrepreneur. “It is my role as a Member of Parliament to listen to everyone“… Discussions focused on ways to avoid the risks associated with transporting trucks through the city, and several suggestions emerged.
Relocation of the recycling business was mentioned. The move seems complicated and unthinkable in the short term.

Upstream prevention? Why not … The entrepreneur has already issued an appeal for caution to all truck drivers circulating in the area.
The possibility of a new road is also mentioned. And it is at this point that the tensions focus. A new road on agricultural land? Incredible for Charly City Hall (LR): “The current MP has proposed creating a lane for heavy goods vehicles through farmland … land that Charlyrots has already struggled to preserve from a future 14-hectare metropolitan cemetery“predicted in 2021 by the new ecological majority at the helm of the Métropole de Lyon.

In response, the mayor took his pen to remind the deputy of his skills: “theThe roads are being built exclusively by Metropolis Lyon in close collaboration with City Hall “.
In the process, the candidate -supplement- for his re-election justifies himself: ” For two years I have been challenged by the people of Charly … it seemed helpful to me to gather all the actors to discuss this topic. “.

The residents, they count the points, but say they regret the development. The problem with heavy goods vehicles remains: “our problem is that we are fighting for the safety of our citizens”.

Currently, short-term solutions have been found: prevention and information for truck drivers and the logistics platform commit to not “growing”. Finally, a solution must be proposed to ease tensions in this sector. It is still unknown whether this solution will be municipal, metropolitan or state.

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