The Apple Maps car will drive on the roads of France: here are in which cities and when

From June 1 to August 16, Apple’s mapping vehicles will tour the French mainland. Four years after California, France could very quickly take advantage of new, more accurate maps from Apple with Look Around, their Google Street View competitor.

The new Apple plans were to arrive in France soon. Already available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Germany and Singapore, the new version of Apple’s map application, with roads shaped by Apple, was soon to be launched on French iPhones and iPads. Having already traveled thousands of miles in France, Apple is preparing to launch a new ride. It’s in Nice on Wednesday, June 1, that the Apple Maps car is set to begin its final pre-launch tour.

The dates of the passage of the Apple car

City / Region Collection dates
On a June 1 – June 9
Corsica June 10 – June 14
Toulon June 10 – June 16
Marseille June 16 – June 21
Montpellier June 21 – June 29
Perpignan June 29 – July 1
Paul June 29 – July 1
Toulouse July 4 – July 8
Bordeaux July 8 – July 14
The stone on you July 14 – July 15
Poitiers July 15 – July 18
Clermont Ferrand July 18 – July 20
Saint Etienne July 20 – July 25
Lyons July 25 – August 1
Small July 25 – July 28
Paris July 25 – August 3
Metz August 3 – August 5
Nancy August 3 – August 5
Rouens August 5 – August 11
Reims August 5 – August 11
Anger August 8 – August 11
Towers August 8 – August 11
Orleans August 8 – August 11
Dijon August 8 – August 11
reindeer August 12 – August 16
Le Havre August 12 – August 16
Caen August 12 – August 16
Nantes August 12 – August 16
Strasbourg August 12 – August 16
Mulhouse August 12 – August 16
Grenoble August 12 – August 16

What’s new in the new Apple Maps?

In 2018, six years after the complicated launch of Maps (its internal mapping system, a direct result of its break with Google), Apple announced its intention to map the planet itself.

The California brand announced that it was aware that Apple Maps did not live up to its standards, that it would design its own maps with exclusive services, such as Google Maps. She then deployed a fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras and LiDAR to create a map from scratch. A meticulous work that should offer him a service of very high quality in the end.

Illustrations of the new Apple Maps, in iOS 15. // Source: Apple

In addition to offering much more accurate maps, the new Apple Maps brings some features, such as:

  • A better representation of buildings, thanks to LiDAR, which scans the areas where Apple cars pass.
  • Look Around, a service represented by binoculars that uses the Google Street View concept. It allows you to see what a place looks like thanks to panoramas.
  • A GPS for bikes, fruit of Apple’s collection on bike paths.
  • Better GPS for cars with speed limits and lane-by-lane navigation.
  • An augmented reality pedestrian GPS that allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to receive navigation instructions with arrows.

When will the new Apple plans be available in France?

Officially, Apple says nothing. However, there are several clues that lead us to believe that the implementation of Apple Plans V2 is imminent. First, in the last few days, some users of the application have had access to some of the new features on the new maps. This is not the case for the author of this article, but his brother has access to the more accurate representation of the buildings (but not to the other news). Our colleagues from iGeneration have also noticed that the speed limits on French roads have appeared on Apple Maps for a few days.

Apple Plans Update
The new map, to the right, has appeared in some. See the details of the Eiffel Tower. // Source: Numerama Screenshots

The launch of this latest tour may be related to the new Apple Maps. We would not be surprised to see Apple announce the launch of its card service on Monday, June 6 at its WWDC conference. If this is not the case, we can assume that the service will be launched at the beginning of the school year, as the Apple Maps road trip will stop on August 16th. In any case, we are gradually approaching the launch of the service. France is one of the last countries in Western Europe without an Apple card. Finally, note that Apple, like Google, automatically blurs faces and license plates. Even if the car drives past you, you should not be able to put your best face on …

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