a solidarity rally to get rid of old phones

Get rid of your old smartphones for a good cause. This is the concept of the great Solidarity telephone collection organized in the Haute-Garonne until July 19th.

A solidary collection of all old mobiles

This initiative takes place at the request of Ecosystem, an organization working to give new life to electrical equipment. Whether they are broken, functional, with or without value, newer or not, all old mobiles are accepted.

The goal: collect mobile phones unused for the benefit of vulnerable people. At the end of this collection, Ecosystem will offer more than 1,000 refurbished phones to the France Victimes Association. “They will be distributed to people in need. It could be isolated elderly people, women sheltered from domestic violence who need a phone, or people who can not afford one,” said Melissa Bire, spokeswoman for Ecosystem. contacted by The independent opinion.

Ecosystem guarantees completely secure collection with deletion of all personal data stored on mobiles. “It’s the Frenchman’s pet. The idea of ​​gifting a phone away where you’ve stored pictures, text messages or even passwords deters many potential participants,” explains Melissa Bire. “This should not be an obstacle to participation. It is inconceivable for Ecosystem to give away a phone that still has the previous owner’s personal information,” she reassures.

A helping hand for the environment

In addition to its dimension of solidarity, this collection has an environmental component. It fights waste of electronic devices. Ecosystem estimates that less than 5% of collected laptops can be refurbished. But nothing should be thrown away: irreparable telephones will be recycled in strict accordance with the environmental standards of France.

Studies estimate 50 million unused phones in France. Having them at the bottom of a drawer does not pollute, but it is a huge waste of revenue. This represents 85,000 tonnes of material that could be recycled instead of drawing on the planet’s natural resources, ”the spokesman explained.

The collection is organized for 3ᵉ years in a row and is more and more successful for each year. “By 2020, we collected 12,000 phones in France, then 35,000 phones last year. With such progress, we are aiming for 50,000 this year,” the Ecosystem spokesman said.

How to attend this gathering in Haute-Garonne?

Organized in 55 French branches, this telephone pickup takes place in the Haute-Garonne in the municipalities of Saint-Gaudens and Bagnères-de-Luchon. “These are two stages of the Tour de France, the event of national influence that carries this operation,” Melissa Bire explains. To take part in this collection, you have two solutions available. Go to the nine pawn boxes available in the department:

  • Bicycle Festival – Boulevard Jean Bepmale 31800 Saint-Gaudens – only 21 May
  • Reception of Saint-Gaudens Town Hall – rue de Goumetx 31800 Saint-Gaudens – From 23 May to 19 July
  • Tourist Office – 2 rue Thiers 31800 Saint-Gaudens – From 23 May to 19 July
  • Reception of the Community by municipalities 5C – 4 rue de la République 31800 Saint-Gaudens – From 23 May to 19 July
  • Pool reception – rue Romain Rolland 31800 Saint-Gaudens – From 23 May to 19 July
  • Maison des Associations – Avenue de l’Isle 31800 Saint-Gaudens – From 23 May to 19 July
  • Intercommunal Tourist Office – 18 Allée d’Etigny à Luchon 31110 Bagnères-de-Luchon – From 3 June to 13 July
  • Luchon thermal baths – Parc des Quinconces in Luchon 31110 Bagnères-de-Luchon – From 3 June to 13 July
  • Luchon Town Hall – 23 Allée d’Etigny in Luchon 31110 Bagnères-de-Luchon – From 3 June to 13 July

All the other cities in the department can also participate in this remote collection by putting their phone for free on the dedicated site.

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