What to do with a car that is no longer driving?

A car can end up out of use after a serious accident or several years of intensive use. In either case, repair is sometimes more expensive than buying a new model. You end up with an irreparable and useless vehicle. Fortunately, you now have several solutions to deal with this situation. You just have to find the right professionals.

My car is no longer running: can I sell it?

Since 2009, it has been forbidden to continue selling between people a car that is no longer driving. This type of vehicle can nevertheless be sold to professional automobiles (crushers, scrapers, scrap dealers, specialized sites, etc.). In addition, players in the sector offer various formulas for repurchasing a non-driving car. However, your situation will dictate the preferred contact person and the terms of the surgery.

In detail, a end-of-life vehicle (ELV) can no longer obtain a registration certificate. In fact, the mention of “non-driving vehicle” is no longer approved on a gray card. However, this document is essential for a transaction between individuals. Similarly, this mention can no longer be included in the technical inspection report, another important step.

In other words, you can only sell your ELV to players who are approved by the rules. In particular, you have the choice between:

  • A professional buyer (dealer, garage, internet platform, etc.);
  • A recycling or disposal specialist (approved electric car center, scrap dealer, demolition, collection center, etc.);
  • An insurance company that buys broken-down cars to help a partner car scrapper and participate in the circular economy.

Attention ! VHU centers (car dismantling plants) only accept vehicles that still have their essential parts (engine block, thruster, catalytic converter, etc.). In addition, the vehicle must not be equipped with non-approved items or contain waste.

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What steps should be taken for a non-driving vehicle?

You must first complete a transfer receipt to sell one the car does not drive. This document is mandatory, regardless of the professional and the future of the vehicle (restoration, disassembly, shredding, recycling, etc.). It must be completed in 2 copies, for you and the buyer. This paper mentions the identity of the two parties and the essentials of the vehicle (model, mileage, registration, etc.).

The transfer certificate must be accompanied by a non-pledge certificate of less than 15 days. You can request this certificate of administrative status online on public websites such as Histovec. After the transaction, cross out and sign the gray card indicating the date and time of the transfer. It will then be necessary to send these supporting documents to the registration service to declare the sale.

When transferring to auto scrapping, you can replace the gray card with a declaration of loss or theft. It is also possible to use a decision to revoke a registration certificate with the police. This immobilization is usually due to a serious traffic accident. In this case, your car is no longer approved to drive throughout France.

How much can you expect?

The redemption price depends essentially on the professional approached and thecondition of the car no longer driving. It can go between 50 euros and 500 euros on average. In general, professionals use different qualifications to classify and estimate this type of vehicle. The potential gains will therefore vary depending on the results of this analysis. In this area you can especially sell one:

  • End-of-life vehicle (ELV) or car wreck;
  • Technically unrepairable vehicle (TNR);
  • Economically Irreparable Vehicle (EVI) …
How much can you expect?
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This last case is often the most interesting for the owner of a non-driving car. In fact, you do not have the means to repair the various elements necessary for the operation of the vehicle. However, the other components are not irreparable. As a result, you can negotiate advantageous prices with a sale of spare parts for workshops and other auto centers.

Specialized sites also represent a favorable alternative to salespeople. They most often collaborate with a network of professionals, including ELV centers, scrap dealers, plastic recyclers, etc. As a result, your vehicle will be valued at the best price based on its key assets. It can be parts, metals, equipment, etc. By this logic, it is better to prefer purchases by weight for old or heavy cars.

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