the confidence of an artist who likes to reveal himself …

Damn! She is not afraid to show her intimacy and her artistic thoughts, a bit naughty, in full view and in the creative forms of expression that remain hers, the visual artist photographer from Yonne, with a cute Serbian first name that evokes the roots of her ancestors. Kantor of “good chic, good genre” erotica – never sinks into the obscene or vulgarity, but always sails to the border of gentle provocation and suggestiveness -, Silvana VUCIC sheds light on the sides of an old “Larousse” inserted!

AUXERRE : There was “Fifty Shades of Gray” with bookish windings a bit sulphurous; now make room for “Silvana’s 300 trusts”, in their most intimate versions! But not too much, anyway! Just the creative outpourings of an exceptional artist (and rude in many ways) who is good in his body, and especially good in his head. And who dares!

A tribal man in these intimate relationships who smells of ambiguity and absolutely imaginative effervescence, where “when will we say no longer has its place” – a big kick in the heart … to false caution, without falling into the trap of cargo.

Whether it’s paint coated on the smallest part of her body – the body paint that she’s pioneered in northern Yonne! – or her disturbing images, composed of montages and added photographic images playing with shadow and light around bare silhouettes, even the curve of slender legs, the most Serbian of artists from Icaun never hesitates to unveil his intentions .. as an artist!

From eroticism to the esoteric, there is only one step …

This time, the “beauty” who also dares to play fireballs during summer shows at night, offers an eclectic panorama of this erotic poetry as she awakens the senses. As High Priestess of Forbidden Rituals?

There is a strongly pronounced esoteric side to these new creations. Suspended like spinning mobiles on their own, during an ethereal breath of life that passes, they take the form of illustrations, handwritten letters, funny calligraphic creations, cheeky drawings and sketches, where the imagination makes the remains, but also sensual messages, even very mysterious.

The universe in this original exhibition is articulated in small spaces that one would almost go nose to face with the wind inside the gallery.

If there is one of the five senses that is fully highlighted during this stroll through Silvana’s interior, it is sight. Above, next to, on the walls, on the picture rails, above or below: the three hundred confidences of this “soul-catcher by the verb” are scattered everywhere and distilled into the gentle, even enchanting rhythm of the unvarnished contemplation that presents itself to the visitor.

Here, the space is dedicated to witches with these intertwined brooms that invite you to take a closer look at the works. We find symbols there, we see allegories. We observe strange figures, drawn to which we could give existence if Silvana, the rebel, enchanted. The enchantment of so many things to say, to read, to share, no doubt does its job, too.

An initial way to rediscover our raison d’être …

The encounter with the intimate pushes the curious to go to the other end of the MOUV’ART gallery’s showroom, always at the forefront of quality in their artistic choices. There is a screen of immaculate whiteness. A mention blocks access. Prohibited for persons under 18 and for … heart patients!

No longer able to endure it, visitors want to unveil this mystery where modesty is mastered and enter this hole of quivering sensuality. A new journey into another dimension, where the heart no longer hears reason or the other way around. Humor, on the other hand, invites surplus with casualness, even in the drawings. It’s enough to appreciate one of the works that refers to the legendary American characters “Bonnie and Clyde” to understand. Well, yes, the sulfur-containing air previously interpreted (1968) by Brigitte BARDOT, the absolute incarnation of femme fatale, and by the dark, even irreverent, Serge GAINSBOURG, would have served as a source of inspiration for the unsettling Silvana?

“My heart has spoken, the artist explains, I want to touch yours! “. Using a few trusts – in fact, there are more than three hundred! hoped dialogue between her audience (her aficionados are numerous online) and herself.

Along the way, creates a new universe between the unreal and the real, utopia and transcendence, introspection and psychology. Finally sensuality and intimacy. Lust and pleasure. The real purpose of our earthly journey, in short, right?

Learn more:

“Once upon a time … 300 trusts” by Silvana VUCIC.

MOUV’ART Gallery

Yonne Street 2 in Auxerre

Exhibition until June 5, 2022.

One night will be offered this Friday, June 3 from 6 p.m. 16.00 to 22.00.

Free admission, exhibition and sale.

Thierry BRET

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