In this workshop, we give phones and computers a new life

“Here we are in third place.” He will not do so on purpose, but Philippe Chemla will repeat it about three times between the car park at 21 avenue Chiris and the entrance to the Grasse building. It must be said that the one who steered the Scic for six years is particularly pleased with the turn things have taken for Tetris over the course of 4 years.

There has already been this move to Avenue Chiris. In a very beautiful historic building, an 18th century convent that housed a congregation of women before it became a Catholic primary school, then a third place … Third place, exactly, quesaco? It is a multiple space of 9500 square meters, a set of indoor and outdoor technical platforms where we create, where we analyze, where we train, where we learn.

Here we make, we participate, we transform, we recycle, we cook, we invent, we forge social bonds. People from all walks of life meet and talk there. Work, give their time, use their skills. Share strong values.

And this set, which is to serve the public policy of cohesion in the territory, is welcomed and then supported by the local communities (Pays de Grasse, Region) as by the state. We are far beyond the simple workshop for repairing computer equipment. Tetris has taken a big leap.

From renovation workshop to inclusive training

“We had competencies internally, we went to look for what we were missing externally, and we created an eight-week discovery cycle of digital professions where we sweep everything away.” Photo by Sebastien Botella.

“Tedee is now one of the activities included in the popular digital education part of the third place”, explains Philippe Chemla. Before you emphasize: “We are an exclusive in the Southeast.” Especially because this flagship solidarity action has drained others.

In fact, the team was the winner of an inclusive training experience labeled “Digital Territory Factory” by 2020. The goal is to support people, from the age of 16, regardless of their profile, in their choice of future, around the digital. “We wondered what they should use upstream to decide that one of these trades is the right one for them. We had competencies internally, we went to look for what we were missing externally, and we created an eight-week discovery cycle of digital businesses, where we sweep everything away. “ From community management to web development, including computer maintenance or web design.

Job seekers in the Grasse and Cannes area can position themselves and try different jobs. Thus, they can improve their chances of success for the future: their admission to a special school, for example.

To break gender codes

This is also a great opportunity to break the codes of the genre. That was important.

Paola, 22, knows something about it. When she entered Tetris in civilian service a few months ago, after a unique school career – she is interested in signs and signage, teaches welding, she takes a CAP in furniture joinery, begins two years of leather work … -, she realizes , that ‘it is made to fine tune the motherboard, disassemble the keyboard, install software, test components, revive the external hard drive …

When I was 11, my mother took me to a company that specialized in refurbished computers. I still remember the rows full of machines. And the pleasure I had in bringing mine back when there was a problem … I would never have considered making it my job. “
Guy stuff.
So no.

Since she got her hands dirty in the third, the case seems obvious to her. Among all its missions, there is a boost for Chahreddine, who leads Tedee workshops and computer training cycles. He explains everything to her, asks her a lot. He understood way too long ago, just by looking at her. Paola is on cloud nine. She even begins to imagine creating works of art with everything she has not managed to recycle. She lovingly takes coins in her hands: “For example, I want to do something with magnets. “ Sure, at the end of her contract, in three months, she will consider getting started with digital recycling, “if possible in the associative world ‘‘.

Tetris is damn inspiring.

Make a long-term commitment to a philosophy of life

Many are the ones passing through the digital space, coordinated by Lucie Pellotiero (in the foreground of our image). Around her are two digital advisers from France Service. Philippe Bonnaire is traveling, while Nadine Boimond has been awarded third place. Finally, Philippe Chemla stands on the left. Photo by Sebastien Botella.

Education and protection. These are the values ​​of the place. But beware, not only since the 25 employees, the fifteen young people in civil service and volunteers work there. No, it goes back to the congregation that lived here. The nuns protected the children, the young women. Tetris protects man and the planet. It is this shared vision that will have enabled Scic to plant his fig trees, his kitchen garden, his vermi composts, his bioclimatic greenhouse, his coworking space, his laboratory, his bicycle or computer repair shops and the rest, on this site.

Stepping on terracotta or cement tile floors, passing through thick arches and pushing carved wooden doors up is a daily reminder of how great the gift is and requires genuine commitment. In the long run. This approach, this concept of third place, Philippe Chemla thoroughly believes in. Nothing has faded over the years. On the contrary. “We will continue to seek partners, to create all the conditions for many things to emerge. We are an additional tool and we simply hope to have had the flair, the good intuition of developing it this way. Tedee was a pioneer there. In five years, when you look at what has happened today, you say to yourself that there is no reason. And then the social and solidarity-based economy is there: to experiment. “

Find the right balance

This approach, this concept of third place, Philippe Chemla thoroughly believes in. Photo by Sebastien Botella.

Every day 70 or 80 people visit the place. Many people walk through the digital space, coordinated by Lucie Pellottiero. Team planning, training management, setting up workshops, the young woman has nothing to get bored of. Around her are two digital advisers from France Service. Philippe Bonnaire is traveling, while Nadine Boimond has been awarded third place. Both are available to the public, they support those who want it in their digital applications, writing resumes, etc. The room is very popular.

It is also open to the famous Tedee repair and repair shop. For it is a set: here we do not put both hands on a keyboard without asking ourselves a little. We learn to eat better. To do it specifically according to his needs. Not anymore. And we understand that it is necessary to extend the life of the machines as much as possible. As a bonus, with Chahreddine we quickly combine the tool with the comfortable.

We do it together, regardless of the activity.

The operation, which goes in the direction of reducing electrical and electronic waste, naturally continues for full blown! Between two workouts, regulars land their turn under the arm. We open, we listen, we turn off … The expert works directly with the person. If you can learn to handle your little hiccups on your own, it’s still ideal. Tedee does so in the collective, not in the lucrative monopoly.

“We try to find the right balance. To provide information, to encourage reflection. We do it together, regardless of the activity.”, breathes Philippe Chemla. This is the very essence of Scic. Who gives herself a year to report concrete results … which she dreams of being breathtaking.

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