Espace & Vie Group and property developer Lamotte sign a partnership with startup Tom & Josette

On May 25, 2022, the Espace & Vie groups (head of senior care facilities) and Lamotte (property developer) signed a partnership with startup Tom & Josette to develop intergenerational exchanges. The new Tom & Josette micro-nursery will open in early June and will be attached to the Espace & Vie Brest Recouvrance residence. Meetings about initiatives that will benefit both young children and residents.

Intergenerational micro-nurseries: an innovative way to reconnect generations

Wednesday 1eh June 2022 opens a Tom & Josette intergenerational crèche in the Recouvrance district of Brest in a 120 m² building next to the Espace & Vie senior service residence. This proximity will allow residents and children to regularly spend time together, in small groups, in one or the other structure. After Rennes, Albi and Montussan, Tom & Josette, the first network of intergenerational micro-nurseries therefore opens its fourth structure, in conjunction with the senior residence Espace & Vie Brest Recouvrance.

Twelve children, from 2.5 months to 3 years, under the supervision of professionals in early childhood, will be welcomed in safe rooms. Inspired by Montessori, the structure aims to make children as independent as possible. The opening of these micro-nurseries is equivalent to a dual mission: to age better and to grow better. In fact, children and residents will be able to meet several times a week to experience simple and ritualized activities together: reading stories, gardening, creative activities, shared snacks … ” We are convinced that restoring the intergenerational bond is essential to avoid any isolation and to help the little ones grow up in a healthy, intelligent and playful way. Thanks to our nurseries, we want to create connections between all generations to offer a satisfactory educational environment for the little ones! », Pauline Faivre and Astrid Parmentier, founders of Tom & Josette.

Espace & Vie housing: promoting cohabitation

Since its inception in 2006, the Espace & Vie Group has always placed social and intergenerational ties at the heart of its seniors support project. On a daily basis, the senior housing offers the residents activities that promote meeting and sharing. Many of them also establish intergenerational initiatives to revitalize the social lives of the residents. These meetings are always awaited with excitement by seniors but also children. These shared times are an opportunity to exchange in joy and good humor.

At Espace & Vie Brest Recouvrance, solidarity between young and old is part of our DNA. The opening of the Tom & Josette micro-horticulture and the signing of this partnership contract is therefore a further step in the history of the home. “. Director of Housing for 8 years, Thierry Rivoal, accompanied by his team, regularly organizes collaboration spaces by inviting children from neighboring schools or leisure centers to come and share cozy moments.

For the little ones, these projects take the form of meetings around fun or educational activities such as reading, manual activities, singing … For seniors, the presence of small children helps to bring joy, where the company of the little ones comes to sweeten their everyday life.

LAMOTTE: YES to societal and intergenerational initiatives!

Sustainable construction also means making it possible to create connections in the areas and promote the exchange between the inhabitants. It is in this context that LAMOTTE is proud to sign the partnership with the Espace & Vie group and the network of micro-nurseries Tom & Josette.

At LAMOTTE, we encourage the emergence of community initiatives and the multiplication of solidarity interactions that develop lasting connections between all citizens. Opening the doors to the Espace & Vie Brest Recouvrance home for Tom & Josette and installing a micro-nursery on the ground floor means creating social bonds between generations for the benefit of aging well and growing well.

The Lamotte group is very happy to welcome the first Tom & Josette crèche, a collaboration that will soon call on others in our senior service homes. In the future, we will certainly find new topics in partnership related to the intergenerational. »Jean-Maurice Lam, Director of the Housing Department for Lamotte.

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