6 games from Playstation Store for family fun

Play news 6 games from Playstation Store for family fun

Video games are a family art, and thanks to these 6 games from the Playstation Store offered by the JV editorial staff, everyone can participate.


  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • Just Dance 2022
  • Knowledge is power
  • Overcooked
  • Tricky Towers

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a massive multiplayer game that can accommodate up to 60 players per game. game. The goal is simple, be the last to stand. To do this you have to overcome mini-games, cross maps filled with obstacles or even avoid traps. The colorful characters have a difficult physique to grasp, and it’s complicated to get up right once you have fallen. The diversity of the challenges brings freshness to the gameplay, and the customization elements that come with the level up encourage you to keep playing. In addition, new content is added continuously to renew the experience.

Just Dance 2022

Slightly more physical than other games, Just Dance 2022 nevertheless promise to have a good time on music imagine Dragons, BLACKPINK or Sia. The goal is simple, follow the dancers on your screen and reproduce their movements thanks to a downloadable application on your phone. The game has several modes to increase the difficulty. You can play alone or with up to four players and even use Just Dance to play sports with Sweat mode.

Knowledge is power

A fully interactive and connected quiz is offered in Knowledge is power. Before you play, you must first download the application of the same name, which is free, to a tablet or a phone. Once we are in the game, we choose our theme by majority, then we move on to the answer of our choice with the second screen. The correct answers give points, which are more if you answer quickly. It is also possible to give disability to others who delay their response time. Knowledge is Power: Generations has also been played, following the same principle, but this time basing its questions on the last four generations.


This one is pretty familiar as it is the emblematic game Monopoly In 3D. Up to 6 players compete to buy the most streets and hotels. The system generally remains the same as for the original version, but it is possible to change the rules of the game completely. There are six versions of the official rules with even five goals. Thanks to its format, the game has been redirected with several DLCs like My Little Pony, Rabbids or Just Dance. After all, and even though we already know the formula, this digital port brings a breath of fresh air to a game that is already almost 100 years old.


Overcooked is a cooking game that can be described as chaotic. With three other people, you need to meet customer expectations and make great meals while taking care of the weather. Once the list of ingredients is in your hands, hurry to cook to put the dish together and serve it. This game requires coordination in order not to spread, especially since some levels have obstacles, penalties or even make it impossible to play at the same time. But you can also oppose, and there it is to the fastest and most competent that comes the victory.

Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers could be a mixture between caplas and tetris. The goal is to stack the maximum number of blocks according to the rule set by the mode. There are three: one based on speed where you just have to stack as fast as possible up to a certain stage, the second where you have to climb high without losing pieces and the third where you have to place some without crossing a line. The special mode adds hassle to, for example, the wind, which can push your tower or, conversely, help you wedge blocks. It is also possible to use objects to consolidate your construction or completely destroy the opponent’s.

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