New Isia: Neither independent nor superior

The authors of the intellectual acrobatics, according to which the appointment of the head of state by the members of the Isie Council would give him more independence, must rejoice. The composition, which was decided by the President of the Republic in a “dark room”, was announced yesterday, May 9, 2022. There was no illusion of the independence of the body. But beyond that, there is no consistency in the list of published names.

The first lesson from the composition of this body is that it consists exclusively of men. Apparently, the election and their arbitration is a story about guys! And then it is certainly not on Kaïs Saïed that we have to count to be aware of this aspect of things.

The second lesson is that the body is mostly made up of famous strangers. Four out of seven members are not known by the general public or even insiders in public affairs in Tunisia. These are the three judges and the computer security expert. They are Habib Rebii, Judge of the Order, Maher Jedidi, Magistrate of the Administrative Order, Mahmoud Ouaer, Magistrate of the Order of Finance and Mohamed Naoufel Frikha, Specialist Engineer in Information Systems and IT Security.

Otherwise, they are familiar faces to the rest of the members from the media and political sphere, as they are former members of the same body. Farouk Bouasker bombarded members, Sami Ben Slama and Mohamed Tlili Mansri, members. This is where the crazy trumps the sensible. The President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, had on several occasions criticized Isie’s previous composition during the presidency of Nabil Baffoun. The latter’s statement, which challenged the constitutionality of the extraordinary measures of July 25, remained over the President’s neck. His aides, Farouk Bouasker and Mohamed Tlili Mansri, have kept a cautious silence on the subject. In addition, it was said that Isie, which presided over the 2019 elections, is a body infiltrated by the Islamists, which not only hijacked the results in their favor, but also caused the body to turn a blind eye to the various transgressions, including foreign funding. . It is clear that no court decision has been reached to prove any of these allegations. But it is still an important nursery rhyme, which is repeated by the followers of Kaïs Saïed. How, then, to explain that two members of this same Isie, including its vice-president, were appointed to re-enter for the next four years?

It is also useful to add that the hunting flag, Farouk Bouasker, is concerned about the periodic replacement of the members of this authority, in the same way as its President Nabil Baffoun. It is true that one of the shortcomings of the Assembly of People’s Representatives is not to have renewed the members of Isie and not to have elected its president. But the extension of Farouk Bouasker’s mandate runs counter to the very spirit of the organic law that established the body. But never mind, it will not be the first time that the head of state, Kaïs Saïed, has merrily violated a law or violated a rule of law.

The composition of this body proves once again the tendency of the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïeds, to flattery and sycophancy. The appointment of Sami Ben Slama is striking proof of this. He was a member of the body headed by Kamel Jendoubi as a member in charge of legal affairs and public relations. This notary, who began practicing in 2001, has not stopped, since the end of the mission of Kamel Jendoubi’s mission, from criticizing all the other compositions of Isie. According to him, they were all in one way or another subject to different political currents, the most important of which was the Islamists. Since July 25, he has been full of praise for the President of the Republic and the excellence of his approach. He has traveled all over the media platforms to praise the merits of head of state Kaïs Saïed and has been regularly invited by the national channel to explain how rotten the world is and that only Kaïs Saïed and his supporters can save the country. . But his Facebook page is even more telling than the necessarily polite language he has to use during his media appearances. It is here that we discover a much more flourishing language, which he mainly uses to insult anything that is distantly or very similar to opposition to Kaïs Saïed. Clearly, the level of insults on the one hand, and flattery on the other, is reminiscent of the Ben Ali regime’s worst weapon bearers.

What is certain is that Sami Ben Slama’s efforts to bring the good word to Carthage’s ears have been rewarded, and here he is bombarded as a member of Isie. This man, who arrived at this post thanks to the exhibition of his pro-Saïed and anti-all-other political stance, is supposed to be part of the body that will mediate, of course in complete transparency, the election race between the Tunisians. We are no longer talking about crazy here, but about complete insult to the intelligence of the Tunisians.

Now we must prepare for the wave of support for Kaïs Saïed, who will continue to try to convince the Tunisians that the designated body is more independent than the chosen body. Former members of Isie, such as Zaki Rahmouni, lent themselves to the exercise but were not rewarded with a membership post, and so it was necessary to compete with the experienced Sami Ben Slama. One of the new columnists who has been tasked with convincing us that Kais Saïed is a Democrat has produced some interesting evidence. He declared that this body is independent as Mohamed Tlili Mansri is a part of it and that he is known for his acquaintances with Abir Moussi! When we say we are insulting our intelligence, we are still far from the goal.

Marouen Achouri

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