Eunice storm: in Prémesques, 90% of the space in the leisure center remains “dangerous or in a state of danger”

A recent report from the Espace naturelle métropolitain paints an alarming picture of the Prémesques leisure center, which has been closed since the passage of storm Eunice in February. The city is organizing a public meeting on June 8 to take stock of a complex case.

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When will the leisure base be able to reopen? Many Prémesquois ask themselves the question more than three months after its closure following the passage of Storm Eunice in February. Unfortunately for hikers and fishermen who are used to frequenting this green lung of ten acres, no one has the answer today. Not even Yvan Hutchinson. ” It’s almost the most complicated case I’ve had to deal with since I was elected. », Sighs the mayor of Prémesques, who has been in office since 2014.

An alarming situation

Last month, as we reported, a team of technicians from the natural area of ​​the capital had been sent to the site by the European metropolis Lille (MEL), at the request of the city, to prepare a statement. The latter was the subject of a report presented last week to the elected officials of the Premesquois. And that’s not good. ” It is even alarming as 90% of the space on the site is considered to be dangerous or in a state of danger. It’s worse than we imagined “Comments Yvan Hutchinson, who will not risk giving a reopening date.” We face several constraints, the first being economic “, Details of the selected. The cost of necessary deforestation is estimated between 50,000 and 70,000 euros. That’s a lot for a village whose annual budget is around 1.5 million euros. ” Especially since this year it is where we invested the most, with especially 600,000 euros for the renovation of public lighting.. ‘Turn eager to find public funding,’ the city filed a file with the prefecture hoping to have an emergency fund. A request still pending.

“The idea would be to be able to delimit areas with possible reopening, so that we can especially access the dam. »

The second limitation, and it is no less important, is the environment. ” You can not cut down trees during the birds’ nesting season, and we are in the middle of it. sums up Yvan Hutchinson.


The time has therefore come once again for the status quo. This does not prevent the city from working on the future of the site in collaboration with MEL, under its jurisdiction over natural spaces. ” We are already waiting for a response from the prefecture regarding our request for emergency preparedness. Afterwards, the idea would be to be able to delimit possible reopening areas, so that we can especially access the pond. “, States the Mayor of Prémesques. It remains to be seen when.

Public meeting on Wednesday, June 8 at 18.30 in the Saint-Laurent room.

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