Alpha Ford launches in Tunisia the new Focus from 89,990

The new Ford Focus has just been launched by Alpha Ford, which, following the acquisition of the Ben Jemâa Motors / Salvador Caetano consortium, brings together the expertise of two units, each over sixty years old.

A ceremony was held on Friday 26 May 2022 to present the new compact but also the dealer’s news on the Tunisian market, in the presence of Alpha Ford President Marouane Ben Jemaa, its CEO Fayçal Chekir, directors of the company as well as prestigious guests.

On this occasion, Mr Ben Jemaa explained that since the acquisition, the new buyers have begun the transformation of Alpha Ford by setting up new information systems for process management and efficiency. In addition, at the beginning of the year, an excellence program was launched with the sales and after-sales departments, which ensures three pillars: Quality service, fair and transparent prices and controlled deadlines.

We worked on implementing new procedures and a new information system. And above all, to start 2022, under the guise of excellence: excellence in service, excellence in quality “, he said.

And to add: New Euro 6 engines will see the light of day and will make it possible to review the famous Ford Fiesta, but also to attack the hybrid and to market the Ford Puma. For clean, electric motors: Ford focuses not only on individuals but also on professionals through utility vehicles. For off-road enthusiasts, it wants the Ford Bronco “.

In terms of improving the quality of the fuel so that it is compatible with the Euro 6 engine, the chairman of Alpha Ford, in response to a query from Business News, indicated that the Chambre Syndicale des Concessionaires et des car manufacturers are working on this file.

We are in the process of interacting with Stir and Innorpi to pave the way for the homologation of the fuel to the Euro 6 D standard instead of the current Euro 4, which will ultimately make it possible to introduce engines with smaller displacement, but with the same power, which allows citizens to acquire vehicles with lower and more economical taxes “, he clarified.

With regard to the hybrid, he explained that the import of this type of vehicle depends on Euro 6. For the 100% electric, the dealer intends to import VP vehicles (the best known model is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, ed. Note. ) and VU.

Regarding the network, Marouane Ben Jemaa specified that it is developing: ” We have made an update and we are in the process of reviewing the policy of establishment in Greater Tunis, inland and on the coasts “.

Returning to the new Ford Focus, the compact features a new expressive design and dynamic style with new comfort seats with up to 18 adjustment options.

Ghazi Ennouni, Product Manager Alpha Ford, told Business News that the fourth generation Ford Focus was launched in the world in 2018, and the Focus presented adopts the Facelift from January 2022. And to clarify it compared to the version launched in February In 2021, there have been several changes, especially on the front, with a larger grille incorporating the Ford monogram, which was previously on the bonnet. In addition, there was a change from standard halogen light to full LED light, in addition to the integration of the fog light in the headlight. There has been a significant change inside with very comfortable seats patented AGR and adjustable up to 18 positions, he noted.

With its spacious, practical and cohesive interior, the new Ford Focus stands out for its innovative technology and technologies. Its 8-inch color touch screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™, combined with the Sync 2.5 infotainment system, allows passengers to control audio, navigation and climate control functions as well as connected smartphones using simple voice commands.

The extended wheelbase provides extra space for the rear seat passengers. The knee clearance has been increased by more than 50 millimeters compared to the old Focus, to a total space of 81 millimeters, which is the best in its class. The shoulder space has been increased by almost 60 millimeters compared to the old Focus. The impression of space is enhanced by the design of the rear doors, whose windows extend towards the C-pillar.

The six-speed automatic transmission makes driving less demanding, especially in the city and in traffic jams.

The vehicle is designed in accordance with Ford’s new C2 architecture, to improve its safety in the event of a collision, to offer greater interior space, without compromising on exterior dimensions, all while ensuring improved aerodynamics and better fuel efficiency. .

The new Focus has a new exterior design with a new, higher bonnet that enhances visual presence, and Ford’s “Blue Oval” brand sits in the middle of the wider upper grille.

The new headlights now include the integrated fog lights, which have a distinctive light signature.

The Ford Focus has a darker taillight glass for more status style, while the LED taillights have a new internal design with a darker center section and a new looped light pattern.

New Focus is offered in Tunisia with a 1.5-liter TiVCT petrol engine that offers optimized power and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford’s new petrol engine is designed to deliver good power, plenty of torque and improved fuel efficiency for large rigs. The new engine develops 123 horsepower (7CV) and a torque of 150 Nm. It is also equipped with an integrated exhaust manifold, so it can offer better driving pleasure.

The new Focus also has several selectable driving modes, allowing drivers to choose between Normal, Sport and Eco modes, which can adjust the responses to the accelerator pedal, electronically assisted steering (EPAS) and transmission. Automatic gears depending on the driving scenario.

To help relieve back pain on the road, the new Ford Focus offers driver and front passenger seats that can be adjusted in 18 different ways for maximum support and comfort.

The new Focus is the first Ford car to receive recognition from the independent testing committee AGR, a body made up of experts in various medical fields. To achieve this distinction, the seat must be able to adapt to the person’s sitting position and not the opposite.

Ford engineers developed the new Focus seat with customer experience at the heart of the design and to meet Focus customers’ lumbar support requirements. The 18 position adjustments of the Focus seats include upright, horizontal and seat tilt, for optimal support of the back, neck and thighs. The quadruple lumbar adjustment is controlled electronically from a button located on the side of the seat.

Ford Focus is available from 89,990 dinars with the Connected version. Is it possible to have other options on order? such as the pedestrian detection and collision avoidance system, said Mr. Ennouni. The vehicle is also available in a more equipped Titanium version.

Note that during the ceremony, a Focus was dressed by artist Seif Edahen. The vehicle will be reserved for test driving, Business News has been told.

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