Roblox Star Simulator Codes (May 2022)

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Build your own planets and explore huge worlds in this space-themed simulation game where even the sky is not your limit! Gather the necessary materials to expand the terrain and unlock new methods of progress as a heavenly deity who is literally able to shape the land around you. In Star Simulator, you and other players can join each other’s worlds to become known across the galaxy, as long as you have the right resources.

This is where our code list comes in. With the Star Simulator codes below, you can quickly gather some of the most difficult resources to help you upgrade your equipment and expand your terrain. You can use them to get enough planks and metal to get even the most advanced terrain points in your starting world. Whether it’s your first time creating worlds, or if you’ve good at shaping galaxies, these codes can propel you forward!

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All Star Simulator Code List

Updated May 27, 2022

Added new codes

Star Simulator Codes (works)

Here is an overview of all working codes in Star Simulator.

  • kepler186f — Redeem for 200 planks and 200 metal coins (new)
  • hd40307g — Redeem for 300 planks and 300 metal coins (new)

Star Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Star Simulator codes no longer work.

Star Simulator frequently asked questions

How to redeem star simulator codes

Redeeming free rewards codes in Star Simulator is easy.

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

  • In the game, press the Gear button on the right side of the screen.
  • Scroll down the Settings window until you see the code field. Enter the code exactly as it is listed above.
  • Press the enter button to get your reward!
  • What is the fastest way to get resources in Star Simulator?

    Work smart, not hard! You do not have to harvest one resource at a time. Position your character to hit multiple resources at once to quickly gather the materials you need. If you are able to move in such a way that you hit three sources (trees, rocks, etc.) at once, it means that you are collecting wood and rocks three times faster than if you hit only one. .

    Also, be sure to upgrade your equipment. You will occasionally encounter a terrain hex that allows you to pay for specific resources to upgrade equipment such as your ax and hoe. Upgrading your equipment allows you to break down resources faster by gathering more with each turn.

    Where can I get more Star Simulator codes?

    Currently, Star Simulator developer (Chongqing YYGAME) does not have a strong social media presence. Social media is usually where Roblox developers send notifications about new content and code. The best source for new codes is to visit the Star Simulator Roblox page and pay attention to the game description. We also add all new tags as soon as they are available on this page so you can bookmark this page and check for updates.

    What is Star Simulator?

    The game is also known as Planet Simulator (the Chinese title), but in English it is best known as Star Simulator. Star Simulator is a space-themed Roblox game where you build a world by pooling resources and upgrading your equipment. As you progress, you can unlock a rocket to explore other player worlds or even cross the galaxy to colonize other planets!

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