Villefranche-de-Lauragais: he published two different novels over the course of two days

Alexandre Léoty, journalist and author living in Villefranche-de-Lauragais, published two novels in early May 2022. One tells a science fiction story, the other is a thriller.

“This grouped publication is the result of a coincidence in the calendars. Alexandre Léoty explains the publication of his two new novels in the same period in this way. The whisper of the apocalypse is a thriller released Wednesday, May 4, 2022while Max Valentin and the source of the timepublished on Friday, May 6, is in the literary science fiction genre.

“I worked with two different publishers for these projects “, emphasizes this resident of Villefranche-de-Lauragais. For the first book mentioned above, Alexandre Léoty actually collaborated with TDO Editions. For the second novel, he surrounded himself with the teams from Éditions du 38. If at first glance one would think, that these close excursions risk harming the author, also a journalist, he does not, in the opinion of the latter, do anything.

Two separate books

“The target group is not the same at all for these two books, ”says Alexandre Léoty. Relating to The Whisper of the Apocalypse, this novel belongs to a well-known literary genre of Villefranche who started in the industry in 2018. In just four years, he managed to publish six books, including a fairy tale and five thrillers. The latter’s strong presence has enabled it to create loyal readers, an audience made up mainly of adults.

Opposite to, Max Valentin and the source of the time is the first for the journalist who is not not usual for science fiction at the base. In the case of this example, the book is more aimed at a young audience, although Alexandre Léoty presents it as being “all audiences”.

The creative process by Alexandre Léoty

To briefly go into the details, the author has started writing The whisper of the apocalypse in January 2021 for release in May 2022. “It’s a pretty classic production cycle in the trade,” Villefranchois clarifies. On the other hand, for Max Valentin and the source of the timethe period was much longer:

“Since I was not used to science fiction in literature, I really took several years to materialize the project. I had to create an absolutely amazing universe, which I also wanted to have as believable as possible, and in which my characters could develop naturally. is clear, such a process of reflection took a long time.But the important thing is that it succeeded.It is extremely satisfying to embark on a genre that one does not master, to capture the interest of a readership that is also unknown.I at least for me. “

Because if the usual readers of Alexandre Léoty appreciate his thrillers, then he considers it “It’s important to reach a new audience in an author’s career.

The availability of these two novels

So far, the resident of Villefranche-de-Lauragais for 10 years does not know how his works have been perceived. If they have been available in bookstores but also online for several weeks now at a price of 20 € pr. device excluding deliverythe reporter is not back yet.

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“It’s still too early to get any. Some first received their novel a few days ago because they ordered it, while others are in the middle of reading. I think I’ll see the first reviews during the month of June, knowing that according to the novel, the cast has not been the same. “

Alexandre Leoty

Le Villefranchois has been working on the TDO Editions structure since its inception as a writer, but it has one peculiarity: it distributes books only in the south of France. For its part, Les Editions covers you 38 the whole country.

Where to meet Alexandre Léoty

Alexandre Léoty will be present at the literary fair taking place in Villefranche-de-Lauragais on Saturday 4 June. He intends to present all his novels released to date as well as its two news items.

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