Mom leaves her phone in the hands of her 2-year-old son, he places an amazing order

Mother: A two-year-old child is just as nimble with a cell phone as an adult who has not grown up with this technology. Except that the former do not really know what they are doing while browsing the device interface. This does not stop them from doing the most amazing business! Take effect, Object brings you the unusual story of this mother. She lives in Texas, in the USA, and her anecdote is already on its way around the web! And with good reason, his 2-year-old son managed to unlock his cell phone and place a surprising order. Between embarrassment, surprise and cheerfulness, she reveals all the details of this mishap. All parents will definitely be more careful when leaving their phones in the hands of their children after reading this article …

2-year-old places surprising order on mother’s mobile phone

It is a fact this case is going around the world. The American media, like CNN, but also the Australian media broadcast the amazing story of this little kid on TV. And now it’s in the columns ofObject or other French and European online magazines that you can find. What is also amazing is the speed with which this unusual story is spreading on the web. For it was not until May 16 that Kelsey Golden’s son, Barrett, played with his mother’s cell phone and placed this amazing order.

The toddler’s mother was on remote work from her home. Her 2-year-old son was with her and he managed to grab his mother’s phone. The latter checked that her cell phone was locked and saw no harm in letting her little boy have fun with the device for a moment. Especially since he enjoys opening the laptop camera and looking at himself in selfie mode or taking pictures. But this time, clicking around the screen managed to unlock the phone. And especially to place a significant order at McDonald’s!

This 2-year-old actually managed to place an order with McDonald’s through a delivery application. And he ordered more food than his whole family could eat!

The story of this mother went viral

Kelsey Golden’s son’s order was 31 cheeseburgers! And she only realized her son’s responsibility when she received the order at home and saw the truth of the messenger’s words on her cell phone. She then found herself with 31 cheeseburgers on her hands and could not decently eat everything with her family. Then he came up with the idea of ​​sharing with his neighbors. She provided a local address and invited those who wished through an Instagram post to come and help herself.

And it is without a doubt in this way, the readers ofObject is in no doubt that the media captured this affair and then made it popular. CNN went to Kelsey Golden to gather his testimony. We could thus learn that his third child, Barrett, had also made sure to leave a gracious tip to the contracting authority. The total amount of the bill for this young mother was more than $ 90. Or the equivalent of 85 euros! And of course, she would never have considered putting so much money into a McDonald’s order. And even less that it was possible that his son could do it.

This unusual story will therefore likely continue to go around the web. Since Barrett is undoubtedly one of the smartest little boys of his generation. At least on a cell phone. His family will always remember this anecdote, a unique memory. And they will be able to laugh at it when all the media coverage surrounding this affair is gone. Because in the meantime, we make no secret of the fact that this young mother receives teaching hours from Internet users all over the world … Nevertheless, she keeps smiling and hopes that her son’s misfortune will get those who will discover it.

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