Metaverse real estate: Startup Zigbang will develop its global virtual office

“When there are more, there are more”. This saying has never been so true metavers. Within a month, one of the components of Web3 will have hosted one real estate investment platforma virtual hotel, A shopping mall and now an office space. A project coming to us from Zigbang, a South Korean real estate startup. What will these offices look like and what will their uses be? Will virtual offices replace physical agencies?

Offices dedicated to international cooperation

The platform used by Zigbang is called Soma. The start-up is aimed at the South Korean real estate market, but works in partnership with international talent. This virtual space therefore aims to facilitate remote collaboration between all employees in the company. To be more precise, to invent a new way of working.

Soma’s offices are a bit like the world of Second Life video games or The Sims. Each employee has their own avatar and can interact with other colleagues – avatar -. Except that the exchanges do not take place via a chat tool. The platform activates the users webcam and shows their real face.

Not so unprecedented work experience

At the size of startup Zigbang, creating a virtual office is nothing new. The company already has another platform metavers, dedicated to local businesses. As for Soma, its structure is already well modeled. The interface has a 30-story office building called the Proptech Tower and the 42nd Convention Center. It has 500 seats and six meeting rooms.

This working concept was also developed by the American real estate network eXp Realty. The brand has created its own metaverse platform, Virbela. Its use is pretty much the same as Soma (startup Zigbang). It is an HR tool that promotes collaboration between all real estate consultants worldwide.

Overview of the Soma_Zigbang_Source metaverse platform:

Towards the end of physical agencies?

We have good news and bad news: we have absolutely no answer. However, we see through the South Korean startup and eXp Realty that the meta-verse aims to facilitate cooperation between international colleagues. Finally, it should be noted that eXp Realty is a network of agents. Metavers or not, the question of physical agencies does not arise.

In this sense, the meta-verse should be seen more as an extra work tool for real estate agents. In other words, a new way to market real estate: both real and virtual.

Everything related to Web3 and its use in real estate is still mostly fictitious. To learn more about this topic and get an idea of ​​the potential changes that will come, our dedicated article should guide you.

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