what we already know, what conditions?

This was one of candidate Emmanuel Macron’s promises during the presidential campaign in 2022: a cheap offer of electric car rental, limited to 100 euros a month. Still vague, the device begins to be revealed. Here is the first practical information.

What if you could soon have access to an electric car for 100 euros a month? If the deadline for parliamentary elections makes a bill fraught with many uncertainties, the new government formed by Elisabeth Borne to begin Emmanuel Macron’s second term as President of the Republic’s presidency will begin to set the train in motion. reforms promised by the LREM candidate elected on 24 April.

Among these campaign promises, a new offer to promote the energy conversion to the electric car was prominent, namely a so-called “leasing” rental offer to acquire a new electric vehicle at a low price. “We want to implement an affordable range of electric cars […] by setting up leasing mechanisms to support the most modest households, ”candidate Emmanuel Macron explained on March 17, when he signed his participation in the campaign.

With sky-high fuel prices, the transition from combustion vehicles (petrol or diesel) to hybrid and, above all, 100% electric models becomes a little more strategic and leads to serious savings for many households. It is still necessary to have the means to access these vehicles, which are often much more expensive than their thermal equivalents, despite the many subsidies and various aids already in place (ecological bonus, conversion bonus, regional aid, etc.). Today, the price remains a very important obstacle when considering buying an electric vehicle. The observation is clear but cruel: the various aids have mainly benefited relatively affluent households and rarely the working class, yet directly affected by the rise in fuel prices, which weighs heavily on budgets, mainly for those forced to take their car to go to their workplace.

What will be the conditions for renting an electric car for 100 euros a month?

If the outline of the unit still seems vague in many aspects, it is possible to relate to the statements from the last presidential election campaign. Only a few details are given about the possible recipients. However, the details of the public but also of the models qualified for this device will be carefully examined. To keep a leasing budget of 100 euros a month, the models in question should not be legion. We can only mention the Dacia spring, which is produced in China and which is today offered by Renault’s subsidiary manufacturer for 119 euros a month in leasing with a first monthly payment, which can be financed through existing public support. Like any lease called a long-term lease (LLD), the offer is limited to many conditions, including a maximum number of kilometers that must not be exceeded: 40,000 kilometers in 4 years. After 4 years, the lease expires and you must return the vehicle. Be careful not to have exceeded mileage and not to have scratched the body of your Dacia Spring due to fines to be paid.

The same for one of the groundbreaking cars and star of the electric car market, the small Nissan Leaf sedan is offered for less than 100 euros a month, but for a maximum of 30,000 kilometers to be covered in three and a half years. Big Wheeler abstains! The Peugeot e 208, the 100% electric version of the Peugeot 208, has been very successful, but is more expensive with the cheapest leasing contract offered today at 149 euros a month plus a payout. In order to achieve more models, the leasing scheme of 100 euros per month, which the government has promised, will therefore have to provide a significant subsidy to reduce the total costs, but also and above all this contribution, which must be paid at the signing of the contract and which can reach several thousand euros.

Who will be able to take advantage of this electric car leasing offer for 100 euros a month?

At present, no details have been provided on the conditions of eligibility for this future entity. If we stick to the first indications given during the presidential campaign, the team around Emmanuel Macron had emphasized that the offer of electric car rental for 100 euros per. month would be reserved for a specific public, with reference to socio-economic professions. -medical (which multiply the kilometers as part of their activity), “young people” and a wider public, but under conditions of resources. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, had mentioned in late April “couples earning the minimum wage or a little more”. The scheme can finance the rental of 100,000 electric cars per year.

When will the electric car rental offer of 100 euros a month be launched?

If the government intends to move quickly, however, the unit must be integrated into an amendment to the Finance Act, which can only be submitted to the National Assembly after the parliamentary elections and the formation of this new assembly. “It will require a sufficiently robust unit for the French to benefit from it immediately,” assessed the new Minister for Ecological Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher, a guest on the France 5 C program à vous on Tuesday 24 May.

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