Some bad habits ruin your cell phone and you do not even realize it: here they are

Over the years, you may notice that your cell phone starts to slow down, the battery discharges within a few hours, and you often need to restart it to make it work better. Nothing abnormal in that: The devices have a limited lifespan, set by the manufacturers themselves, this is called “planned obsolescence”. However, its lifespan also depends a lot on how it is used. Unfortunately, our mobiles are often put to the test. Unconsciously, unconsciously, we reduce the life of our smartphone!

Mobile phones are such a part of everyday life that we sometimes forget that they are devices with complex technology and some delicate components. Here are some of the habits that can affect the performance of your mobile.

The bad habit of placing your smartphone anywhere


Telephone – Source: Q.

To avoid prying eyes or just not to be disturbed by loud noises and notifications, we usually put the laptop on the table. This is probably one of the most damaging bugs that we are not aware of. Because in most cases, the surfaces on which we place it are full of dust and dirt. Sometimes the texture is even rough, which often risks damaging the screen and causing ugly lines in seconds.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is enough just to use a protective glass. If you do not want to be bothered by notifications, then you can set the offline mode and set the device on the right side.

Connect to any Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device nearby

The best way to get hacked is to use public networks. In addition, your device generally warns you of risks: In fact, when you go into a public Wi-Fi network, your smartphone generally warns you that everyone can see the information being exchanged there. At that point, hackers can easily access your personal data.

Use a cheap charger that is not original

charge the phone

Charge the phone – Source: Q.

As a safety precaution, manufacturers always recommend using brand-specific chargers. Many users think this is a business strategy, but there is a valid and even serious reason for this move. Unknown branded cables, often cheaper, are not built in the same quality and can therefore damage your smartphone, causing it to explode or catch fire during charging. If you are not using the original charger, at least make sure it is certified.

Pay attention to the temperatures!

telephone overheating

Telephone overheating – Source: Q.

It is the bad habits that are destroying our smartphones. Alas, we are not even aware of that. Although they are resilient and powerful, smartphones are also very delicate devices. Especially when we expose them to sudden temperature changes.

One of the most fatal mistakes: placing your cell phone in a room exposed to the sun or, conversely, in a very cold area. The heat can overheat the device and can easily damage the LCD screen. As for the low temperature, it’s probably the battery’s worst enemy. And going from hot to cold damages the device more. To avoid all these problems, choose a simple bag dedicated to the smartphone. They come in all shapes and colors. Above all, it is a very practical protection tool!

Another bad habit: to charge your cell phone incorrectly. We have always learned that before charging the device, the battery should be at 0%. Yes, except that these are very old models that almost no longer exist. Today, this advice is no longer relevant. If we continue to have this bad reflex, our new batteries will be damaged in the long run. It is better to recharge your mobile when the battery drops to around 15%. Similarly, it is not recommended to go up to 100%: Experts recommend recharging your mobile several times a day for quite a short time. Ideally, it should not exceed 80% to avoid overheating and degradation of the battery.

Also pay attention to the daily use of the smartphone: as much as possible, it is better not to keep dozens of pages open at the same time or to store all the received videos and photos in memory. Instead, trust that the cloud saves the files. And most of all, always close the sites after visiting them!

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