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On the sidelines of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Mercedes unveiled the AMG Vision show car a few days ago. An exhibition car that prefigures the next generation of cars from AMG, the sports department of the brand with the star. Mercedes has for some time now shot at all cylinders when it comes to electric cars and launches several models. However, it lacked a sports car to compete with the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS E-Tron GT. Until now, AMG has only offered plug-in hybrids like the GT 63 SE Performance. From now on, AMG is also moving clearly towards the electric. Mercedes Vision AMG announces a vehicle that it will launch in 2025-2026. With this showcar, it gives a first glimpse of how it transfers AMG DNA to the brand’s all-electric future.

A concept car that stimulates desire

Earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas, Mercedes had already unveiled an electric concept car, the Vision EQXX. A vehicle designed for travel with the mission of taking autonomy and efficiency to a new level. A mission accomplished with a range of 1,000 km thanks to extensive optimization of its aerodynamics, battery and weight. With the Mercedes Vision AMG, AMG unveils its sporty interpretation of the EQXX, which takes performance luxury a step further. According to the design director of Mercedes-Benz Group AG Gorden Wagener : ” The result is an electric supercar, a style icon that drives the desire – and that is exactly what sets a luxury sports car apart. »

Technical characteristics must be specified

Unlike the Vision EQXX, which has demonstrated its performance on the road, the Vision AMG is still in the mock-up stage. Most of its components are still under development and Mercedes has not communicated its technical characteristics. However, AMG has great ambitions in relation to engine and transmission technology. ” A revolutionary technology with which we will take the performance of electric mobility to a whole new level »Announces its CEO Philipp Schiemer. Vision AMG will be based on the AMG.EA modular architecture, which will serve as the basis for all electric sports cars produced in Affalterbach. At its workshops, AMG will also develop high-voltage battery and drive technology. A UK subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, YASA will manufacture a motor that provides significantly more power than conventional electric motors. An innovative axial flux motor that offers compactness, high efficiency and high energy density.

A futuristic look

The design of the Vision AMG preserves the brand’s DNA, characterized by its search for emotion and its ingenious aerodynamic properties. At the same time, certain elements translate a development of his language to achieve sensual purity. The sporty proportions are particularly evident with the oversized wheelbase or the upward rear end. Proportions that express sensual purity with characteristic sports car signals, such as the elongated wheel arches and broadly muscular rear shoulders. The grille emphasizes the futuristic look of the Vision AMG with its light beams and three-dimensional exterior contour. Three LED elements form a stylized Mercedes star that is instantly visible, day and night. On the back, on each side, three LED rings are placed in cylindrical tubes. Here, too, the little stars nod to the Mercedes brand.

Links to Formula 1

Further visual details underline the direct connection to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team. These include silver paint with a star pattern in large format that can be found on the rear flanks. Other flashes with functional elements in exposed carbon fiber or the aerodynamic design of the 22-inch wheels. Wheels with Pirelli tires with white letter with the AMG logo. The sporty high-tech design enhances the futuristic character of the Vision AMG. The four-door configuration also indicates that the show car offers a taste of the electric car of the future. Despite the battery in the wagon bottom between the axles, the Vision AMG is significantly lower than the EQS. Thanks to the intelligently designed interior floor, it provides plenty of space for four people.

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