He turns old phones into a history box

Sometimes (often) you meet men and women from Lyon who have some incredible and crazy ideas. And we think a little spotlight on their projects would be a good source of inspiration.

The second time, therefore, I ran into Samy, who told me about her Retro Phone project that tells stories. You will see that it is a great idea full of poetry that smells like the revival of the 80s.

What is the project?

I always get nostalgic when I think back to my grandfather’s rotating phone. In fact, it was just an ugly guard beige ashtray weighing several kilos, attached to the wall with 2 cables. It was used to talk to people. There.
Finally, for me it was above all a great game, which consisted of turning a circular disc from left to right for whole hours and taking the tube while imitating what I thought was an “adult person”.

a story on the phone Lyon-CItyCrunch

Also nostalgic, and while antique with his companion Lululalucette (photographer-anti-knitter) at the channel’s flea markets, Samy came across an old phone from the 1940s and decided to buy it back to give it a new use and a new life: a history box.

It was during a creative marathon with the museomix association that he offered Strasbourg’s Seismological Museum its first prototype: an AOIP telephone from 1950 that will allow museum visitors to listen to a dialogue between the earth and the seismographs.

Get your phones talking again

a story on the phone Lyon-CItyCrunch

He is passionate about flea markets and uncovers beautiful phones from the 20s to 80s. The object is cleaned, polished, pampered so that it regains its former luster.
He then integrates a homemade electronic box whose components come out of his 3D printer, which he inserts into the dial inside the phone.
Under the phone there is a notch to insert a memory card on which we will be able to archive all the sounds we want (memories, music, history, sound effects, etc.).
Each sound is named from 0 to 9 (or more, depending on the model and process), and each track corresponds to a number dialed or rotated on the dial.
All the user has to do is take the handset and dial the number of their choice to listen to the story. As with grandfather.

To get an idea
A white model from 1960 is available in the sublime Pieds Compas vintage decoration store. You can listen to the Lyonnaise stories about Cybèle
(theatrical guided tours).

But what is it for?

I would say … like all beautiful things … to nothing.
What’s ingenious in this approach is being able to find this famous gesture of the phone: call, answer, listen and hang up.

Samy also explains to me that even for the youngest who have not experienced landline phones (which those under 20 may not know), the logic of this gesture remains entrenched.
On the other hand, the act of physically “hanging up” the phone is not the most intuitive. It even seems moon to some. They are just as ignorant in front of the small round speaker on the back. You see ? him who acted as a discreet whip when the best friend also listened to the conversation.

The good thing about this idea is that this process works with any phone, from the Telsa 1970 (too beautiful) to the 1920 phone made by manufrance.
And suddenly it provides lots of ideas for use: animation in museums, town hall waiting room, media libraries, escape games, events …

a story on the phone Lyon-CItyCrunch
conversion telephones from the 1920s and 1930s to the Lyons Fire Brigade Museum

Several telephones are currently being rescued, mainly thanks to an order from the Lyon Firefighters Museum. (who knew there was a firefighter’s museum in La Duchère?) who would like to spruce up their facilities with real old wooden conversion phones from the 20s and 30s.

I want one too!

Several formulas are proposed. Either it can search for a specific phone for you or give you a more common model. The price starts at € 250 excluding postage for a current model phone from the 60s / 70s.
30 beautiful phones are waiting for their new life in the basement.

And actually? Who is Sami?

Official employment: Dev Engineer, he was also our beloved database rescuer during the crashes on the Citycrunch site.
Unofficial profession: electronic hacker, museum dependent
fashion: 3D printing stuff
Passion: Go antique with your treasure this weekend
Main characteristics: his legendary bonhomie

📸 instagram.com/unehistoireauboutdufil
💻 unehistoireauboutdufil.fr

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