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TFT Set 7 is now available on PBE. To help you learn the game little by little, here is a list of 18 compositions that you can try before the official release!

Set 7 off Teamfight tactics arrives at PBE. With many new mastersfrom new classes and originsof new increases and many more new features, it’s easy to get lost.

Therefore, we present you with several compositions you can try on PBE. Note that these are not necessarily optimized at this time, but they are theory-developed versions we have built that should work to give you an idea of ​​how set 7 works.

Compo Karma / Set Reroll with Dragonmancer


Karma inflicts magical damage in an area with its magic, and therefore draws very well out of Dragonmancer which gives him a lot of magical power if you make him your hero.

Since you want Karma 3 starsyou should slowly scroll to level 5, which also allows you to Taric and Set 3 stars which will ensure you a good front line.

Compo Nami / Vladimir Reroll with Astral


Astral is an origin that is ideal for passing your masters 3 stars. Nami especially benefits from this, being able to do damage while constantly healing his team with the right items.

You can slowly scroll to level 5 and finish a little at level 6 to 3-star your champions on 1 gold (Vladimir, Skarner, Nidalee) as well as Nami. If you have the opportunity, you can also play 9 Astrals at the end of the game with Aurelion Sol.

Compo Senna / Sett Reroll with Trainer


In particular invoked when playing Coaches, and if you get them fast, he can level up and become more and more powerful. You can play it in combination with Senna and Set 3 stars in transport and tank.

You will slowly scroll to level 5 to get yours 3 stars. To notice it Tristana can also be played as the main bearer if you see many of them, in which case you can scroll to level 6.

Compo Ashe / Twitch Reroll with Swiftshot


Ashe and Rich are complementary carriers that you can both play 3 stars. The former gives mixed damage while Rich reduces armor with his magic, allowing his attacks to be very dangerous.

This composition is very flexible, but since you want to scroll slowly at level 6, you can try playing a front line Guardian with Braum and Thresh.

Compo Kayn / Qiyana Reroll with Shimmerscale


Synergy shimmer scale is very special as it gives you bonus items that are special and synergy with your gold. Depending on the items you have in 3 and 5 Shimmerscale, give them to the appropriate carrier: AD items instead KaynThe AP is rather protesting against Qiyana.

In fact, you can master these two in main carries by passing them 3 stars. To do this, you will slowly scroll to level 6, which can also find you Diana and Thresh.

Compo Yone / Shen Reroll with Mirage / Warrior


you can be played in carry with Mirage, especially when the synergy gives him an interesting bonus such as attack speed or critical. You will slowly scroll to level 6 to pass it 3 starswhich also allows you to play Shen.

At the end of the game, yasuo is a very relevant secondary transport that is capable of using various physical injuries.

Compo Nunu / Ryze Reroll with Guild / Mirage


If Mirage is defensive, especially when it gives HP regeneration, you can play Nunu bear. IN 3 stars it can do a lot of damage and regenerate, giving time to Ryze to gain power.

For those comps where you want 3 gold champions in 3 stars, it is best to roll to 8 to have a chance to get legendary champions who assist your comp, i.a. bard in this.

Compo Volibear / Anivia Reroll with Legend


Legend is a special feature: Volibear, Ornn and Anivia absorb a nearby friendly device to get its stats. It is therefore natural to play with them Jadegiving them interesting devices to absorb: Jade statues. Try to position yourself well. Volibear and Anivia for them to absorb a statue while Ornn can, for example, absorb a master who gnar Where Karma which are not very interesting.

Ideally, you would like to play Volibear and Anivia 3 stars in this comp, both benefit from magical power items. Made by Volibear your hero Dragonmancer for bonus statistics.

Compo Swain / Shyvana with Ragewing


Swain can cause excellent magical damage over time, especially if passed 3 stars. With furious and Dragonmancer to boost it, it becomes very dangerous. Shyvana is also a very relevant late game carry.

It is wise to pass level 8 before rolling in this composition, which optimizes your chances of passing Swain 3 starswhile you can get your masters of 4 gold and Shyvana.

Compo Olaf / Diana Reroll with Scalecorn / Warrior


If you have Olaf early in the game, you can sacrifice it early in the game so it gets a lot of AD. Later it will become very dangerous, especially against comps that have a lot of HP. Diana can also be a very relevant secondary transport.

You can scroll to level 7 or level 8 to find your masters 3 starsdepending on the state of your game.

Compo Elise / Sy’fen with Whispers / Bruiser


That Whispers get offensive stats when attacking a target, making them more and more dangerous as the battle progresses. Elise and Sy’fen benefit particularly well from these additional statistics. The first can kill devices on a loop, especially if you pass it 3 starswhile the other is a very dangerous physical DPS.

You’d better scroll to level 8 to do Elise 3 stars but still be able to find Sy’fen, pyke (which may be another possible carry) and your other champions at 4 range.

Compo Xayah / Shyvana with Ragewing


Xayah is a standard physical DPS: Give her some time and she will decimate the opposing team with furious and Swiftshot to increase its damage. It can be played with different front lines, but the combination of Shyvana, Hecarim and Riders is probably the most relevant.

You will go to level 8 with this composition to maximize your chances of finding your masters of 4 gold and above all Shyvana, which costs a lot of gold to pass 2 stars. You can also try playing 9 Rage Wings at the end of the game.

Compo Shi Oh Yu / Neeko with Jade


Jade is a very interesting synergy that offers AS and regeneration to your masters, in addition to statues that explode and do magical damage. Shi Oh Yu is a very powerful dragon to play in physical DPS with these bonuses while Neeko offers lots of tankiness and utility.

It is possible to play 9 Jader at the end of the game, or to play only 6 of them to find other synergies next to (more than Shape changersfrom Dragonmancers…).

Compo Daeja / Yasuo with Mirage


Daeja and yasuo can be played as a duo of bearer with Glamor which increase their damage, power, or rate of attack. The former offers plenty of magical DPS while yasuo is a mix of tankiness, physical injury and controls.

You do not have to play 6 glamor at the end of the game it may be interesting to remove the weakest in favor of more powerful units, especially the legendary ones.

Compo Corki / Sona with Revel


Revel can handle a lot of area of ​​effect magic damage, which fits nicely with the high physical damage on Corky. sona is also a relevant secondary carry, able to cast his spell very regularly thanks to the property Indulgent.

While this comp may lack a front line, it compensates for it with plenty of zone controls. However, it is possible to remove Tristana and bard for the benefit of 2 Fighters (Bruiser) additional.

Compo Talon / Pyke with Guild / Assassin


If you want then horror in the opposite compositions murder are still relevant. Heel can be played in main carry with all the extra stats offered by the property Guildwhile pyke is a relevant secondary carry in late play.

It is better to be able to strike at level 8 for this composition because pyke and bard are very interesting additions. She is blessed to be very flexible thanks to the trait Guild which can be removed in favor of other masters.

Compo Aurelion Sol / Neeko with Evoker


Aurelion Sol can be played with Astraler, but another option is to go level 8 or 9 and just line it up with a very powerful front line. If you manage to survive until his 3rd or 4th roll, the damage and area of ​​his spell is so great that you are more or less guaranteed to win.

That Jades is a good option, but otherwise you can just play max tankiness / controls champion as Hecarim, Neeko, bard, Ornn, sona

Compo Ao Shin / Ornn with Tempest


Slightly in line with the previous composition if one can go to level 9 and play Ao Shinyou can just surround him with as many tanky / utility champions as possible and let him exclude the opposing team when he enchants.

player 4 Storm provides an extra anesthetic and a relevant AS boost at 9 seconds of combat, making this composition very dangerous if it manages to withstand lightning.

We remind you that all these compositions are only theoretical versions. PBE is still a test area, and we encourage you to try to find new, more optimized builds.

find our compositions to try on PBE from set 7.

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