Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition: For the 90th Anniversary of the German Circuit

The prestigious Stuttgart manufacturer is taking advantage of the 90th anniversary of the Hockenheimring to present the first special series created on the electric sedan offered by Porsche.
Here is the new Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition.
This special series of Taycan is developed on the basis of the GTS version, from which it records the underside and the engine.
The Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition is characterized by several finishing details and equipment specific to this model.

It’s all in Stone Gray

On the outside, the car has a Stone Gray color from the “Personalized Color Selection” program. This color is associated with bronzite accents here and there on the body. The manufacturer explains that this color is meant to be timeless and striking and that it emphasizes the emotional nature of the car. Nice program for a color that has a nice advantage over others, it is not afraid of daily dust and dirt.
The Porsche Taycan sits on 21-inch alloy wheels (Mission E Design), whose 5-fold star is painted in satin bronze zit, while the rim veil is in a shiny Stone Gray finish like the body. Fits the rim star, the central wheel cover is painted in satin bronze and is adorned with the Porsche emblem. Finally, the said rims barely hide the brake calipers painted in Glossy Black.
In addition, elements have bronze accents on the vehicle, this is especially the case with the Sport Design side sill, the slatted insert on the rear diffuser and the model designation “Taycan GTS” on the tailgate. Finally, the B-pillar adorns a plate with an anniversary logo engraved in relief. The inscription “Hockenheimring Edition” affixed next to the logo is in the Stone Gray finish and blends discreetly with the body color.

The manufacturer from Zuffenhausen must be very proud of his body paint, as he attaches his press set, a gallery that shows the electric sedan in the paint booth …

Electro-sports luxury

On board we discover the work of the Porsche Exclusive Manufactory. The subsidiary dedicated to customizing the brand’s models has fitted black leather upholstery combined with Island Green stitching.
The interior trim strips are in “open pore” Paldao wood (??). The gear selector, cup holders and air outlets above the center console as well as the side air outlets on the driver’s side and in the passenger’s side are lacquered in bronze.
The GT multifunction sports steering wheel is also entitled to its bronze-colored decorative elements as well as Island Green stitching and a “12 o’clock” mark. There are also thick floor mats with a leather patch and contrasting Island Green stitching.
Among the details, we note the presence of a logo for the anniversary of the Hockenheim circuit stamped on the lid for the storage of the central console. The door sill is in black brushed aluminum and they show “Taycan GTS” with luminous inscription. Finally, the door projectors make the anniversary logo appear on the floor at night.

Taycan also offers exclusive access to the course. The access and start key allows customers to identify themselves as owners of the special edition. This is painted in the exterior color and has a laser engraving of the anniversary logo on one side.
They can then go directly to the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) Hockenheimring located in the heart of the German circuit. They will benefit from two years of free charging (during opening hours for the PEC Hockenheimring). Finally, customers can enjoy priority parking during the so-called “morning” events in PEC, ie. to the monthly meetings with Porsche drivers.

A powerful and well-known engine

The Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition has the engine from the powerful GTS version with an output of 440 kW (598 hp) and a torque of 850 Nm for a Vmax set at 250 km / h and an exercise from 0 to 100 km / h folded at only 3.7 seconds. The maximum theoretical WLTP autonomy is set beyond 500 km, as it reaches 504 km for consumption estimated between 20.3 and 23.3 kWh / 100 km.
Porsche has not yet announced the price of this new version, but ensures that the car will be offered for sale in European countries from the beginning of the summer for deliveries scheduled before the end of this year 2022.

Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition in promo video

Via Porsche, YouTube.

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