Microlino: this electric car in the form of a mini-pod is really coming out!

We thought for a while that the sweet Microlino, who made us fall in love with shows, would never see the light of day. This project for a small city and electric vehicle finally seems to be on the right track to success. The first deliveries are now scheduled for the end of 2022.

The prototype of the Microlino was first discovered in 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. Then the project took a turn for the worse. Delays began to pile up and the partner who was originally to produce the vehicle ended up withdrawing from the project. While the brand was without a factory to manufacture its electric vehicle, the team seized this opportunity to rethink the concept and find a new partner for the manufacture. In the end, the Microlino 2.0 is even more promising than the 1.0 version, which never saw the light of day.

Even before the official launch, which took place on May 24, the brand had more than 30,000 reservations for its Microlino. We are apparently not the only ones who have succumbed to the charm of this reincarnation of the BMW Isetta from the 50s. But what do we know about this vehicle?

Multiple versions of Microlino

If the design remains the same, this new version 2.0 of the Microlino has evolved a lot on the structure of its chassis. While the first version was based on a tubular frame, we now find a monocoque structure that can be produced by Tesla factories. This provides increased safety for the model and above all a better service life. One thing is for sure, the brand could not touch its unique front door, which is what makes this vehicle so special.

Monocoque chassis by Microlino // Source: Micro

To get an idea of ​​the size of this car, you need to know that it is only 2.52 m long, 1.47 m wide and 1.50 m high. The vehicle belongs to the category of motor quadricycles, it is limited to 90 km / h. Unlike the Citroën AMI, which is intended for a public cycle without a B license, and which is limited to 45 km / h, this Microlino offers a little more versatility.

Microlino will be available in multiple finishes and with multiple battery sizes. The urban finish will be the brand’s entry level with two colors in the catalog. This model will be equipped with the minimum 6 kWh battery, which should offer up to 91 km of autonomy. This finish will be the last to go into production. It will not be available until mid-2023.

Microlino with its unique door // Source: Micro

The edition Dolce will offer the widest selection with 5 available colors and 3 battery sizes to choose from: 6, 10.5 or 14 kWh. The larger battery will be able to offer up to 230 km range. But above all, the heart of the series will be delivered with the 10.5 kWh battery, which already offers 177 km of autonomy.

The middle battery will also be the basic battery in the Competizione versions with its 3 matte colors, with the option to take the large battery.

This 10.5 kWh battery will also be the one in the launch version named Pioneer. A limited series of 999 numbered copies, which will be delivered primarily to buyers of Microlino. They will have quite advanced equipment for this type of vehicle with: sunroof, vegetable leather and alcantara interior, portable Bluetooth speakers that connect to your phone …

An even more exclusive option for € 1,999

The launch model comes with an option that is, to say the least, surprising. For € 1,999 you can join the “Pioneer Club”. This membership, reserved for customers of the first editions, should provide several benefits to unite a community of buyers around the brand:

  • Priority delivery of Microlino (and Microletta) orders,
  • the visit to the factory, including the opportunity to take part in the assembly of the vehicles,
  • invitations to pioneer events,
  • free inspection of the vehicle by traveling technicians (Flying Doctor),
  • discounts on all current and future accessories,
  • special offers on special services.

After the first year, renewal of club membership costs only € 1000 / year.

Microlino Pioneer // Source: Micro

As you probably understand, even though we do not yet have the prices of this Microlino, we will be far, very far from the affordable amount of a Citroën AMI. The brand is rather aimed at an advanced clientele, while it is assumed that this vehicle can meet 95% of the daily needs of city travel for a larger number of people.

Marketing starting in 2023 for France

It is our Swiss neighbors who will be able to order Microlino as a priority – it must be said that the company is … Swiss. Sales will then soon be expanded to Germany. For other European countries, wait until 2023.

Microlino in the streets of Zurich // Source: Micro

With a little luck, we should discover the first Microlinos in France before the end of 2023. The brand’s biggest challenge will be to increase the pace of its production tools. Microlino expects 1,500 models before the end of the year. It takes a lot more to satisfy craze with reservations for the model.

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