ISG launches its new Business & Management program

ISG announces the opening of a new program

post-baccalaureate in 5 years:

Business & Management program.

ISG (Higher Institute of Management, member of IONIS Education Group) announces the launch of a new 5-year program available after graduation.

baptized ISG Business & Management Programthis program will welcome its first students in september 2013 in new premises located rue Saint Marc, in Paris in the 2nd arrondissement.

This program complements the post-baccalaureate offer from ISG together with “Prep”, preparation class for Grandes Ecoles of business and International Bachelor, a 3-year program 100% English speaking.

With this program, ISG, together with its other programs, offers another translation of its values: openness to worlds, entrepreneurship, creativity and expression of potentialsin line with new trends and aspirations of “digital natives”.

The pedagogy of the education is based on 3 axes: the choice, International and project culturet.

Available after graduation through a specific competition, the program, organized into two cycles of 3 years and 2 years, combines the basics of commerce and management with original opening lessons that students choose according to their desires, their passions.

25% of the courses over the first two years must be chosen from 4 free courses:

  • marketing,
  • linguistics (9 languages ​​to choose from),
  • technologically,
  • cultural and artistic.

All students complete their 3rd year at one of the 8 partner universities in 5 countries: Australia, Spain, USA, Ireland Where United Kingdom.

To meet the students’ many wishes, the second cycle offers 4 paths:

  • Grande Ecole route via CMA for ISG,
  • International route via MBA from Saint John’s University in New York,
  • Expertise path via one of ISG’s 11 specialized MBAs,
  • Dual skills track, via a diploma from Ionis School of Technology and Management.

For Marc Sellam, Chairman and CEO of IONIS Education Group:

“Since its inception, ISG has always demonstrated original and innovative initiatives, just to take an example, it already sent its students to China in the early 1980s. For several years, with the achievement of the master’s degree or by participating in the conference des Grandes Ecoles, ISG has proven that vision and personality are compatible and even desirable to be part of the French Grandes Ecoles of business.With the Business & Management education, we meet the expectations of some high school students who as soon as they have obtained their matriculation exams want to get into the “core of the matter” while cultivating an open mind, towards others and towards worlds that nurture their curiosity. “

To Anne-Marie Rouane, General Manager of ISG:

“ISG’s new Business & Management program completes the offering that ISG has developed over many years. The basics of ISG are present. First and foremost, its values: openness to worlds, entrepreneurship, creativity and expression of potential. But also what constitutes the life of a Grande Ecoles: community life, the alumni association, business relations and events. This program is structured differently for students who do not want to undergo the preparation but who want to take their course at ISG. The first two years of the first cycle are built on basic and free courses that allow students to choose according to their desires and their passions. The whole year abroad in the 3rd year, responds to the urgent need for the International. The program offers the impressive, but modern, figures from a large business school and original free figures, which the students choose according to their hopes and their wishes, especially with the 4 routes in the 2nd cycle ”.

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