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Double event in the galaxy of Star Wars releases of Panini Comics today! In fact, in addition to the collection of episodes from the diary of old Ben Kenobi from the series Star Wars (2015) (we’re talking about it right next door), the publisher also offers us the story that interests us in this news, Star warsan 8-episode miniseries (with episode 0 as a guide), adapting George Lucas’ very first script for the film, which at the time was not yet named A new hope !

By the end of 2014, the Delcourt edition had already offered this album in a bookstore edition, which today is apparently sold out. It was therefore logical that Panini Comics, in turn, let readers immerse themselves in this work. And what could be better than offering this on Star Wars Day? 😉

We therefore offer you three reviews of the true literary UFO, which is this miniseries, which is found right after the traditional reminders of the front page, synopsis and the editorial information that fits well:

Before Star Wars, there was Star Wars! Here is the official adaptation of George Lucas’ first draft, a script that would eventually become the film that changed cinema history. The characters and locations are familiar … but not everything is exactly as we remember it in this galaxy far, far away. An unprecedented vision of the myth! 45 years ago, the first part of the Star Wars saga was published. To celebrate the event, we offer you this direct adaptation of the script (and not the film) from 2013, a work carried by Mike Mayhew’s sublime drawings!

Contains: The Star Wars (2014) # 00 to 08, WITHOUT COLLECTION, 216 pages, 28 €

link224’s review

When Dark Horse announced that they would be adapting George Lucas’ original 1974 manuscript with the title Star Wars (which was to become, three years later, Star wars), everyone thought it was a good joke. It must be said that announcing this the first of April, credibility level, it was not really the top of the top.

But five months later, in early September 2013, the first of eight issues of this adaptation appeared in bookstores, with JW Rinzler writing the script and Mike Mayhew drawing. This adaptation, both very close and extremely far from episode IV, is it a success?


Expect to be surprised! Here Luke Skywalker is a Jedi general, Annikin Starkiller is a young teenager, trained in the Jedi ways, Darth Vader is a General of the Empire, a certain Valorum is a Sith … and Han Solo is a green lizard! Changes in the scenery at the level of the characters yes, but not so much. The similarities with episode IV are numerous (thankfully you will tell me): one can, for example, bring Luke Skywalker closer to Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Annikin to Anakin in Prelogy.

The main characters are in any case more than in the film, without this harming their development: the two droids always quarrel, Annikin is fiery and carefree, Valorum (whose character will merge with Vaders for the film) is ambiguous, Han Solo is quite cheeky. My crush goes to the Wookiees, who here play the role that the Ewoks want in Episode VI, but who are much more mature and intelligent than the furry balls in The return of the Jedi.

Historically, there is absolutely no downtime in this comic. The action is ubiquitous, there are many twists … but it happens at the expense of certain scenes and situations, which are resolved far too quickly. This speed is explained by the fact that many major scenes in the original trilogy are found in this original script and this adaptation, and, limited by the number of pages, the authors were forced to make choices.

But let’s not ruin our pleasure, the story told by this original script, even though it’s far from Episode IV, has many benefits and is in some ways even better thanA new hope.


Mike Mayhew is a newcomer to Star Wars, but very well known in the world of comics, as he has illustrated many of them at Marvel.

And we can say that he draws the Lord well. We are especially amazed at the beauty of the sets (whether they are from Aquilae, very reminiscent of Tatooine, those from Yavin or Alderaan). The characters benefit from an equally nice treatment (though I would fool to say that it’s hard to differentiate Wookiees).

As for the action scenes, they remain very neat even though they are ubiquitous and the reader will have no trouble finding their way around.


After the initial skepticism, place to wonder in front of this adaptation. So sure, it’s Infinities, it’s not part of continuity Legends. But during this rather gloomy year 2014 in terms of comics, there is no doubt about it Star wars brings us a welcome fresh breath. Highly recommended reading!

Note : 90%

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Piccolo Jr review

The result of a collaboration between JW Rinzler, author of excellent Star Wars filmmaking, and Mike Mayhew, experienced Marvel comic book artist, The Star Wars is an adaptation of George Lucas’ first screenplay for the original film (“Episode IV – A New Hope”) ).

A distant galaxy … only larger

In the light of such a project, one can first of all wonder whether it was justified to adapt a draft of a film that we already know. The answer is yes! Because it is far from just a draftA new hope, this first scenario reveals the original ambitions that Lucas had for his universe, ambitions that he had to lower later for technical and budgetary reasons. Although there are many elements in the film, the whole is so different that we can consider it a different story.

Very true to the source material, the cartoon therefore tells us the adventures of two Jedi knights, General Luke Skywalker and his Padawan Annikin Starkiller, who must save the planet Aquilae from the clutches of the galactic empire. Here there are no dark plots or introspection: the story is above all centered on adventure, action and exploration of the galaxy, in the purest style from the original film.

And it sends! Through the pages, we witness battles against a giant “space fortification”, an invasion of stormtroopers swinging “laser swords” and mounted on giant birds, surprise attacks from “Sith Knights”, chasing into the middle of the desert, in a spaceport or in an asteroid field , devastating battles between “Wookiees” and Imperial troops etc … constantly introduced all sorts of colorful characters, exotic locations and bizarre concepts, in far greater numbers than in the movie.


But the main interest of the comic was to be able to illustrate this story; and it is at this level an absolute success which alone justifies achievement Star wars. Remember that unlike the following scenarios, this had never been illustrated by Ralph McQuarrie and Lucas’ collaborators: the artistic design therefore had to be made exclusively.

To define the visual style of the comic, Mike Mayhew and his assistants were inspired by the design and concept art in the saga films, but also by the SF images from the 1960s and 70s. The result is breathtaking, just as much in terms of the characters as the ships or the landscape. This impressive “alternative galaxy” has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to movies.

The whims of adaptation

JW Rinzler has chosen to adapt Lucas’ script very faithfully (only a few details have been changed), which is not without problems. The filmmaker had indeed designed his script as a draft to be perfected later: the main characters, as “classic” as they were, therefore still lacked depth. Few are treated with any real development over the course of the story, and the few attempts to do so (like the romance between Annikin and Leia) are handled far too quickly. Moreover, Rinzler did not dare to push out certain unnecessary sequences (which Lucas never hesitated when cutting his films), which sometimes leaves an impression of “overflow”, making the complicated sequence of events for the reader to follow.

In summary, Star wars offers an exciting adventure, certainly perfect, but enjoys great creativity, and is also the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the creation of the saga.

Note : 80%

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ashlacks review

The concept may immediately seem surprising, and the beginning is quite confusing, but we finally get into it pretty quickly. The story is nice, well written. Just the end a little imp with wookiees learning to drive super fast and sith changing sides, we do not know why (sith that by the way would have been useless). In short, a good entertainment in itself, which has nothing to envy a lot of other stories in the universe.

And in addition, the fact that it is an adaptation of the first drafts of the manuscript is not only interesting from a “historical” point of view of the work’s creation, but even more so than expected given the many elements included in the work. movie (s), whether it be characters, names, ships or scenes, transformed, moved or kept almost as they are. Examples include Alderaan, who fills the role of Coruscant with Bespin’s design, the fusion between General Vader and a Sith, or the scenes with the Garbage Press, the Cantina or the Battle of Yavin.

In short, to read.

Note : 90%

A nice average on 87% for this volume!

Do not hesitate to come and tell us what you thought of it, either by going to its page, or by discussing it directly on the related topic on the forum (and it’s good we can answer you)!

And see you soon for a next literary release! 😉

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