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Blizzard has just released the full patch notes for update 9.2.5 of shadow land, which will be rolled out next week. On the program, cross-factions, new quest lines for Blood Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves, a new PvP Arena and more. Find all the details below.

9.2.5 patch notes

Shadowlands Content Update 9.2.5 arrives on June 1st and comes with a wealth of new features and experiences, including games across factions, new questlines for Blood Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves, a new PvP arena and more!


  • All achievements related to Covenant Sanctums are now visible and count towards your character’s total achievement points, regardless of Covenant. However, all grades must belong to a covenant in order to unlock the achievements associated with it.
  • The preconditions regardingTortured mountaineer now requires Trial of the Jailer: Tier 4 (down from Tier 8).
  • The description of the performance dancing dervish now indicates that the reward is a toy.
  • The anima vessels are required for Kaal-vaire of the depths now restored after General Kaal is reset and Smash debuff! is no longer removed by immune effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the reported fraction was not taken into account for the results of exalted reputation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from achieving performance Azeroth at war.


  • The experience point reduction applied at character level 51-60 in party sync has been removed.


  • DEATH Knight
    • Fixed an issue where Bone Shield charges consumed by Grave (Talent) did not reduce Drain Blood’s cooling by the intended amount.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Tithe Despoiler (Kyrian Ability) to give both death and survival effects when used against certain enemies.


  • Players can now invite members of the opposite faction directly to a group if they are friends via BattleTag or real name system, or if they are members of a community World of Warcraft inter-fraction.
  • Predefined groups in the Group Finder lists for Mythic Dungeons, Raids, Arenas, and Rated Battlegrounds are now open to candidates from both factions, though the group leader can choose to narrow the list to candidates from the same faction if desired.
  • Communities World of Warcraft can now choose to become cross-fraction. Guilds, however, remain reserved for grades from the same faction.
  • Random activities like Heroic Dungeons, Skirmishes or Random Battlegrounds all remain limited to characters from the same faction.
  • The following cases are not cross-fractions:
    • Master’s test
    • The Crusader’s test
    • Vault of Archavon
    • Icecrown Citadel
    • Baradin stronghold
    • Siege of Boralus
    • Battle of Dazar’alor
    • Nightmaul Citadel (Exile’s Reach Dungeon)


    • Cross Realm Raids are now available on Mythic difficulty.
  • MYTHIC +
    • With the advent of cross-fraction cases, performance Heroic Cryptomancer: Shadowlands Season 3 Now requires to be in the top 0.1% of Mythic + in your region.

items and rewards

  • Trader Honor Mark now increases the reputation of your active covenant to level 60 (was 40).
  • Renown catch-up is accelerated up to Renown level 60 (down from 48).
  • Completion of these activities now has a 100% chance of giving 1 level of fame:
    • Mythic and Mythic + Dungeons
    • Torment Levels 9-16
    • Defeat a raidboss from shadow land
    • Win a rated battlefield
  • Rewards from Calls now contain twice as many grateful offers, though they still scale with the upgrade level of your Covenant’s Sanctum Anima driver.
  • The reward for Zereth Morti’s weekly mission, “Infinitely Interlocking Patterns,” now includes Grateful Offers.
  • Fixed an issue where transmogs from Blizzard Shop sometimes temporarily disappeared from your collection.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grelot fighting pet was listed as “Unknown” when it was called. The size of his crown and candy canes have also been corrected in the mascot codex.


  • NEW ARENA: Riddle Seal
    • The minimum level required to access Shock has been increased to 252 (was 239).
    • Fixed an issue where players lacked certain abilities between rounds.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented a round from being reset if two opposing player characters died simultaneously.
  • DEATH Knight
    • The damage reduction of the Anti-Magic Zone spell has been increased to 50% (instead of 20%) in PvP.
    • PvP talent Ancient Shadow Dome has been removed.
    • Demonic Embrace now increases your stamina by 20% (down from 10%) in PvP.
    • Demon Armor PvP talent has been removed.
      • New PvP Talent: Shadowfall. You receive the Twilight talent with a 100% chance to take advantage of its effect. If you already have this talent, you can choose another from the same row.


  • The experience point gain increased by 400% when you made specialized armor or jewelry to create Rune Carving items.


  • Blood Elves can now launch a mission to earn a new mount, weapon skin and Blood Knight Armor and Signet Set for Blood Elf Paladins. To do this, they just need to talk to Liadrin in Oribos. Requirements: Level 60 and exalted reputation with Silvermoon.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves can now quest to earn new mount and weapon skins. To do this, just talk to Anvil Thane Thurgaden in Shadowforge town of Blackrock Depths (accessible by Mechanical Mole). Prerequisite: level 50.

torment, the Tower of the Damned

  • All wings are now open (instead of 2 per week).
  • Levels 1-8 are now unlocked by default.
  • Level 9-12 is now unlocked after completing level 8.
  • Levels 13-16 are now unlocked after completing the previous level.


  • All Search Filters drop-down menus now include a button so you can easily remove all active filters.
  • The standard glove-shaped cursor now has a new, improved resolution so you can scale it correctly in interface settings under Accessibility.
  • The player reporting menu has been revised and new categories have been added.

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