Pays d’Ancenis: a mobility challenge to swap your car for a bicycle

At “Spices to my liking”, the eight employees and the founder took up the challenge. (© Quentin Duval)

Bus, train, bicycle, roller skates, scooter, carpooling … All funds were good to take the “Mobility Challenge”, arranged from 16 to 22 May, by the Region and the Danish Agency for Environment and Energy (Ademe)). Supported in the Pays d’Ancenis by Compa, the challenge aimed at staff and students encourages people to replace polluting modes of transport with more ecological solutions. With a simple goal: drastically reduce CO2 emissions on the home-work or home-school journey. Although a regional winner was eventually chosen – the structure with the highest participation rate – the goal is to encourage rather than create competition. Fifteen companies from the Pays-d’Ancenis responded to the call: from the René-Guy Cadou College to the motorized gendarmerie division.

“Agents concretely see the effect of participation on CO2. It is a team emulation tool.”

Jean-Yves PloteauVice President delegated to the community of municipalities

In 2021, Compa agents saved 2,700km of trips in individual cars during the challenge, equivalent to 28 days of gas heating. A welcome improvement on the benefits for Jean-Yves Ploteau, Vice-President delegated to rural communities, with responsibility for rural areas and mobility: “The stern sees the concrete effect of participation on CO2. It is a team emulation tool. week, participants could get on their usual journeys on the challenge platform, replaced by organic transport or telework.A simple way to discover the savings at their level but also at the company level.

9 km by bike

At La Compa, the challenge helped create carpooling habits. “People realized they had the same journey,” explains Jean-Yves Ploteau, who “wants to support change in practice.”

“If one day I want to do it daily, I’ll have to invest in an electric bike.”

Anne GaracoitsSelling at Spices as I please

In the center of Ancenis, to the workshop and shop “Spices in my spare time”, the challenge immediately made sense. “We’re involved in environmental issues, it’s our company’s DNA,” emphasizes Anne Garacoïts, sales force in the structure. She lived in Oudon and decided to take the 9 km journey by bike. “We’re giving ourselves room to do it this week. It gives us a chance to try,” she said. “But if I want to do it every day, I’ll have to invest in an electric bike. mobility requires organization.Adeline Blin, the company’s management assistant, had to make sure: “I registered my children for the bus to be able to take the bike. Otherwise it does not fit. As soon as the nice weather shows up, she takes the ride on an electric bike from Mésanger.

“When does it happen to us?”

At the Sacré-Coeur school in Vallons-de-l’Erdre, the children had the opportunity to take part in the challenge. “Monday morning I was very surprised to see the dozen bicycles,” rejoices Marie-Cécile Chapelais, director of the establishment, for whom the goal is to reflect on travel. “Through the children, we can also reach the parents,” she emphasizes.

“People are very aware of soft connections. They ask, ‘When is this happening to us?’

Jean-Yves PloteauVice President delegated to the community of municipalities

Eco-mobility already prevalent in urban centers would not be desired in rural areas. A false statement by Jean-Yves Ploteau, Mayor of Vallons-de-l’Erdre: “People are very aware of soft ties. They ask, ‘When does this happen to us? »»

For the community of municipalities, the “Mobility Challenge” is part of a more global strategy for territorial networking, with soft mobility solutions between municipalities trying to take into account all the specifics. “There are several forms of mobility: buying bread, going to work, sending their children to school …”, the elected representative remembers.

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