Looking for tomorrow. In this workshop, we give phones and computers a new life

Many people pass daily through the digital space of the Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (Scic) Tetris in Grasse. We do research on the internet, we work on a file, we build a CV. But that’s not all: here, thanks to the Tedee network, we repair and repair computers and mobile phones.

The goal is to extend the life of electrical and electronic equipment and avoid throwing out objects that are still functional. Five years ago, when the activity was launched, 20 tonnes of waste had been avoided. Where are we today?

Consume better

Today, it is clear that one cannot put both hands on a keyboard without a minimum of asking oneself. Learning to consume better according to your needs and integrating the need to extend the life of your devices as much as possible, that’s really Tedee’s message.

Again this year, their action saved about 18.5 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste.

You should know that worldwide, only 17.4% of this waste of electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled. That is, if the approach is valuable.

This is how regulars come every day with their computer under their arm. We open, we listen, we turn off … The expert from the Grasse network works directly with the person. You learn to handle your little hiccups on your own.

Tedee does so in the collective, not in the lucrative monopoly. “We try to find the right balance. To provide information, to encourage reflection. We do it together, regardless of the activity,” breathes one of the masters of the place, Philippe Chemla.

Sell, lend, rent, give away

Renovated equipment is for sale. But not only. ‘Sometimes we rent, sometimes we give. There are auto entrepreneurs who need equipment but who do not have the budget: We help them. This is also the case for some families who are in difficulty. »

Philippe Chemla explains: “What we are renovating does not necessarily have a dazzling success in sales, as in the 18.5 tonnes of waste we have 60% of computer towers … the tower may well be more efficient and more durable, you can do not put it on your lap to watch a movie from your couch.Inevitably it seduces less.

As a result, the parts are sometimes just sorted, cleaned, repaired, stored. “But this makes a little more sense every day,” he continues. In a few years, some elements will be missing and it will be complicated to reconstruct a complete computer. We will be happy to have key parts stored. »

In fact, we know that in order to access the metals needed for computer equipment in France, four billion tonnes of soil must be extracted every year. For example, indium – used massively in LCD screens in particular – may experience supply problems from 2030-2035. Something to look at your motherboard a little differently.

Tedee made babies

“We did not specifically boost Tedee activity. We should have hired e.g. But we keep it. It is essential, inspiring and endearing. Other networks in France have been launched. Above all, we have developed around it, here, an entire ecosystem ”, reveals Philippe Chemla. Before we continue: “We have become a third place.

Third place, quesaco? It is a multiple space of 9500 square meters, a set of indoor and outdoor technical platforms where we create, where we analyze, where we train, where we learn. People from all walks of life use their skills. Share strong values.

This set, which is to serve the public policy of cohesion in the territory, is welcomed and then supported by the local communities (Pays de Grasse, Region) as by the state. We are far beyond the simple workshop for renovating computer equipment.

“Tedee is now one of the activities that is part of the popular digital education part of third place,” explains Philippe Chemla. Before I stress: “We are an exclusive in the Southeast. Especially because this first flagship solidarity action has attracted others. Like repairing bicycles, always with the owner of the machine, to allow him to then be autonomous. But not only.

From renovation workshop to inclusive training

In fact, the team was the winner of an inclusive training experience labeled “Digital Territory Factory” by 2020. The goal is to support people, from the age of 16, regardless of their profile, in their choice of future, around the digital. “We’ve created an eight-week digital business discovery cycle where we sweep everything away, from community management to web development, including computer maintenance and web design.

“We are an extra tool and we simply hope to have had the flair, the good intuition by developing it this way. Tedee was a pioneer five years ago, when you look at what has happened today, you say to yourself that there is no reason. And then the social and solidarity economy is for it: to experiment. »

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