How Kas Saed is being manipulated by his ministers

Two consecutive happy weekends! That’s a good warning! Let’s be optimistic, maybe the Messiah will come and save this country from the mess it’s in.

After Eid last weekend brought its share of good news that we really need.

Tennis player Ons Jabeur (7and world) won the Madrid tournament last Saturday. Ah it’s nice to see the national flag at the top of the podium hoisted by a Tunisian. Thank you Wed for this final, it was a great match. There was play, excitement and spectacle. This award is the culmination of many years of hard work with ups and downs, security and doubt. Serious work is always crowned with success, it is an unchanging rule. Thank you Wed for reminding us, thank you for all these moments. With your team, you are a source of pride for Tunisia, for Tunisian sports and for Tunisian women.

The other pleasant fact over the weekend, and it is a bad pleasure, is certainly the collapse of the pro-regime demonstration organized yesterday in the center of Tunis. We mobilized the buses and the governors to bring back thousands of people among the supporters of Kaïs Saïed. Instead of thousands, there were only hundreds. Get a hundred.

The people that the President of the Republic always talks about were not there.

With the exception of North Korea, there are no longer any countries where people take to the streets to show their approval of the regime. That time is over, but Kaïs Saïed obviously does not know.

Since July 25, the date he took over all powers, Kais Saïed has been manipulated by ministers and influence groups that make him believe in things that do not exist. He is, it seems, like a puppet in every way instructed by several puppet masters for various reasons.

The last manipulation dates back to Thursday, when he embarked on this stroll in front of the Interior Ministry before heading for a cup of coffee.

All Tunisians know that there are very few people prowling on Habib Bourguiba Avenue at midnight and there are no cafes open at present. Not against the Home Office at least.

Who are these dozens of people, men and women, gathered around the president to cheer on him and shout “new republic” at the very top? People that someone brought back to make the president believe that people love him and cheer for him. This is pure grotesque and scandalous manipulation.

On several occasions, Kaïs Saïed spoke about the success of his national consultation. However, this hearing was a total failure, and the figures show that. But someone explained to him and convinced him that she was a success, which made him repeat over and over again what he was told. He was also told that the consultation platform was the subject of 120,000 attacks, and he invariably repeated what he was told, without suspecting that he was making fun of himself. Explanation.

To be considered, the consultation had to include as many men as women. It must be representative of all social strata, all regions and all ages according to the official distribution as defined by the last census. All polling institutes know this basic rule and apply it carefully in all their surveys.

For the national consultation, the number of participants at first glance was 83% lower than the original target announced by the Minister for Youth Affairs at the launch. 535,000 participants out of three million (minimum) expected. Even better, the 535,000 participants are questionable, as the same person, as several journalists and observers have noticed, was able to participate in the survey several times. It is obvious, for many there were 535,000 visits and not 535,000 unique visitors.

Finally, and about the hacking attacks the president is talking about, the number is really ridiculous.

When a hacker tries to attack a website or platform, he sends thousands of requests. It is possible that one or two people send 120,000 requests, either to penetrate the platform or to test it. This does not justify saying that there were 120,000 attacks, as the president does, there were perhaps only one or two.

If a party, or a party, is able to mobilize 120,000 people to attack the platform for the national consultation, he (or she) would have the opportunity to take power directly. No website in the world would withstand attacks sent by 120,000 people at once.

It is no secret that Kaïs Saïed does not understand new technologies, he himself admitted. But it’s obvious, someone lied to him and gave him that number of 120,000 attacks, and he repeated it several times. It is as if someone has put it into his head that he is being attacked from all sides for the purpose of harming and harming him. “ poor starving Tunisian people “.

This is not the first time that the president has put himself in position as the president targeted, assaulted and attacked. We have already seen it with the story of the poisoned envelope, the contaminated bread or even the tunnel leading to the residence of France. A criminal plan, Kaïs Saïed said at the time, in front of what later turned out to be a hole in a garden.

Is it not a manipulation of the president to tell him that this hole was a tunnel to the point that he himself went on the field, very late at night, accompanied by his head of government?

There are plenty of other examples of this type, such as the story of the TGV he wants to launch, the incredible story of 13.5 trillion stolen by 146 businessmen, “Ommek sannefa”, and so on.

Either someone is telling the president these ridiculous ideas, or there is no one to stop him and tell him not to say it in public. In one case, as in another, the president is ridiculing himself in public.

If these kinds of facts are anecdotal and merely destroy the image of the President of the Republic, other forms of manipulation have serious consequences for innocent citizens.

Thus the case of all these political personalities, which he put under house arrest, and which he forbade to travel in August and September last year. Who manipulated Kais Saïed to make him believe that these people are guilty of something? They were all released without any charge against them.

He is behind the wild arrest of Noureddine Bhiri, who has been under house arrest for several weeks. The interior minister said the Islamist was involved in a terror case. He was later released without any charges! Who manipulated the president in this file, and why did we not present a really well-designed file?

The most obvious injustice remains former Minister Mehdi Ben Gharbia, who was the subject of an attempted extortion of 50,000 dinars (€ 15,000), a few days before his arrest. Despite the judge’s decision to release him, Mr. Ben Gharbia is still in prison while his men are still enjoying their freedom.

To protect yourself from manipulation, read Machiavelli and Schopenhauer, but it is not the references of Kaïs Saïed who prefer to quote Omar Ibn El Khattab and Al Ikhchidi. If only he had learned their lessons in matters of justice, but he is not even capable of it, then dazzled he is of power.

If we succeed in manipulating someone, it means that this person can be manipulated. And Kaïs Saïed is one of the “someone”, unfortunately.

We saw it again last week when he received this lady who the day before sang his hymn on TV. It was not even praise, it was a gross lie! It is therefore enough to launch a gross lie on TV to be received by the President! Is this not the absolute proof that this president is a puppet that everyone manipulates on purpose?

Some to caress him in the direction of the hair, others to establish their power and still others to obtain services or to avoid his anger.

The concern does not lie in the manipulation of the president. He will leave sooner or later when 100% of his predecessors left. The concern lies on this fringes of the people who are being manipulated by this president and who let themselves be carried away by the wind, by the emotions and the verb of silly or Machiavellian politicians.

Once it is the revolutionaries, another it is the Islamists, yet another it is the RCDists, and it does not end.

All that is needed, however, is a little common sense and reasoning to prevent these people from being fooled too many times.

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