From Riom to Clermont by bike, train or car? We have tested these three solutions for you

Every morning, many Riomois sit in their cars and throw themselves resignedly into the traffic for their work. In the vast majority of cases, it is towards Clermont-Ferrand that these vehicles are urgent.

However, alternatives to the car exist, whether it is the train or the bicycle. Travel time, cost, stress, carbon impact … Each of these solutions has its pros and cons. To see more clearly, we wanted to test these different transportation options.

At three o’clock, one morning at 8 o’clock, we therefore left the Bureau La Montagne de Riom, rue du Commerce, in the city center, to the newspaper’s headquarters, rue du Clos-Four, next to the square from 1 May. , and Clermont-Ferrand.

The results of our experiment will be discovered below. The key to finding the right solution for you? Take stock of your priorities.

With car

When I live in Clermont-Ferrand, it is rather with a mocking eye that I see traffic jams in the opposite direction every morning. Before I finally found myself inside.

With car

It all started well, after a quick departure from the center of Riom and the fires playing on my team. In three minutes I arrive at rue du Commandant-Sahuc without incident, to find my first red light. Ideal for listening to my playlist calmly. The six kilometers of D2029 end up consolidating me in the certainty that without suffering too much I would get first place while enjoying the silence of Zoé at 90 km / h. With the only downside being that I could not accelerate enough at the start of the highway, which made me easily pass the thermals to the right.

Either way, Zoé and I are sure to arrive at “Forks” in Cébazat. A (round) black dot well known by motorists in the morning, and hazard warning lights on before the trail of the boulevards Clémentel and Jouhaud. The traffic thickens, but the traffic light does not hold me back any longer than necessary. A few shortcuts via rue de la Font-de-la-Ratte, to follow Michelin, I finally arrive … in front of a closed street next to the stadium! No problem, rue Toussaint-Louverture brings me back to my destination, avenue de la République and then rue du Clos-Four, alone on the line, at. 8:25.

Travel distance: 12 km, via D6, rue du Commandant Victor-Sahuc, D2029, les Fourches, boulevards Clémentel, Jouhaud, avenue de la République and Clos-Four. Duration: 25 minutes, arrival at 8:25. Carbon impact: 0.24 kg CO2 with an electric Zoé (2.35 kg with a thermal).

By bike

A priori the slowest means of transport of the three, the bike finally did well with a good second place in just 37 minutes of travel.

Riom Test trip between Riom and Clermont by bike, train and electric car

At 8 o’clock, when I get on the bike, I see that today’s competitors are planning a last place for me at the finish. Either way, I quietly set off for Ménétrol via Avenue de la Liberation.
About ten minutes later and after crossing the city, I arrived at the roundabout, which allows me to take the D420 towards Gerzat. A long straight line, which I can hardly see the end of, but which in the end is well done. Even though the small increase before arriving in the capital Pansette is a bit of a pain.

The crossing of Gerzat goes smoothly. Thanks to the bike path, I even have the luxury of overtaking a few cars that are being slowed down by the traffic, which is getting closer.

Then follow the passage in front of the dairy and the intersection of the Gauthière district, always on cycle paths. Barely 37 minutes after my departure, I am already standing in front of La Montagne’s headquarters. Good last? None. Second behind the car and a short head in front of the train. A true satisfaction. Even though a small shower would not be too much.

Travel distance: 15.8 km between rue du Commerce in Riom and rue du Clos-four in Clermont-Ferrand via Ménétrol and Gerzat. Duration: 37 minutes, arrival at 8:37. Carbon impact: Except for the little CO2 exhaled during my efforts, absolutely none.

By train.

No effort, no stress. The train solution to reach Clermont-Ferrand is not the fastest – I arrived in third and last place – but it is undeniably the quietest. So judge.

Illustrative photo

The journey begins with a short walk from rue du Commerce to the station. Seven minutes at a normal pace is enough to have the luxury of walking along Square Virlogeux.

Many people are passing through Riom station at this time. But luckily the vending machine to take the tickets is free. A few clicks and 3.70 euros later, here I am on the platform. It’s rush hour. It is also the busiest time on the train. 8:15, here is min. I board with about fifty other passengers.

A few seats are still vacant, abandoned by travelers leaving.

Around me read some, others listen to music with headphones. My two neighbors, who are colleagues, discuss light topics.

The landscape rolls: here the Michelin circuit with in the background the chain of puyer. And already on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand.

I go down with the flow of travelers. It’s 8:27 when I leave Clermont train station. After a few minutes walk, I arrive at the Place du 1er-Mai. I only have to cross it to get to La Montagne’s headquarters.

Travel distance: 600 meters walk to the Riom section, one kilometer to Clermont. Duration: 40 minutes. This duration can be shortened by replacing walking with cycling. Carbon impact : The CO2 footprint is 0.25 kg CO2 for this TER journey.

According to the latest statistics published by INSEE on its website (dating back to 2018), 8 out of 10 Riomois use their car, truck or van to get to work. They are only 7.2% to take public transport and 1.5% to use a bicycle or an electric bicycle.

Francois Jaulhac, Nourredine Regaieg, Jean-Baptiste Ledys

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