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In the late 1990s became Company car has become a true social marker and brands must find other definitions for their models intended for companies. These have become increasingly important over the years to the point that the vehicle market professionals playing at the level of individualseven manages to surpass it in the crisis that itautomotive industry present. To make a difference, we like to talk about the expectations of professional clients, but in reality it is first and foremost the specialists in marketing who in collaboration with those responsible for large accountsdefine versions or finishes Business.

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How to integrate driver assistance systems (There for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) additional features such as parking rear with rear view camera, a tire fatigue detector driver, active lane assistant, etc. They also emphasize connection with large touch-sensitive multimedia screens for easy access to infotainment and clearer mapping of navigation systems navigation. These finishes Business seems to fall indefinitely and all brands seek to differentiate themselves from the competition. We do not create a Business finish at randomexplains Olivier Dupont, Head of Corporate Sales at volkswagen. This is for Builds to live up to the specific expectations of companies in terms of equipment and at the same time maximizing resale values ​​through these equipment. These are then finishes in their own right ».

Common to professionals and individuals

Times change and end Business would no longer be popular. WLTP has been there and has undoubtedly accelerated the transformation we are witnessing. That intervals has been thoroughly reviewed with the aim of reducing the weight of the products (emissions of CO2 commit), but also to reduce production costs and distribution without sacrificing either the quality of the vehicles or their level of equipment. Today at volkswagenall our vehicles are equipped at the best level and for some time now we have opened the finishes Business to individuals. We realized that these completed atypical was no longer a positive element, that their differentiated equipment no longer had an effect on the exchange values, and that vehicles was thus marginalized. What counts for us, though, is offering the dish product to all our customers. In fact, the expectations of individuals have joined the professionals and there will soon be no more skills Business in the house of volkswagen. We work on new product definitions with new values, but always with the desire to offer all types of customers the latest technologies at the most reasonable price »continues Olivier Dupont.

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At the other end of the spectrum, some builders, convinced of the attractiveness of Business finishes, continues and will continue to put them at their prices. On this line we find e.g. the German BMW. A few years ago, the Bavarian producer practically reduced completed intended for sale to professionals – Business Design. This is still a must and everything has been calibrated so that no matter what motorization (petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid), Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5, X1, X2 and X3 or Series 5 and X5 – the top of the range very popular with professionals – is in the catalog of this finish. Offered at attractive prices, all this models must also mark their differences, and that is indeed the case! Their design premium is (slightly) different from the other products in the range. They benefit from a metallic paint and are equipped with one equipment most complete with, for example, the system of navigation with large screen and equipment for one connection optimal. Customer benefit, to use an expression marketing, can go up to more than 3,000 euros! Under these conditions, we understand that the majority of professionals therefore, choose the versions reserved for them. And when we know that this customer base represents 1 in 3 sales, we wonder why, BMW France would abandon the closures Business Design.

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It is clear that all the producers are present at market French think about the future of versions or finishes intended exclusively for the market for companies. Some have already left them or no longer reserve exclusive access to professionals. Which corresponds to the same. Is not the right time to go out on this road when the car market undergoes an unprecedented crisis and that itelectrification happens by forced march? Two other arguments go in this direction: the demands of the authorities, especially European ones, on the one hand; and the conditions issued by Euro NCAP to achieve 5 stars in the crash tests, on the other hand, which commits builders to equip their vehicles for levels of security more and more high … and thus largely meets the expectations expressed so far by professionals.

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