“My health space”: the new digital health journal to better manage your health!

Between 31 January and 11 March 2022, policyholders in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region received an email or letter urging them to activate their My Health Space account. They can do this directly by logging in to the platform with just a few clicks.

My health space is a big step in the digital shift in health driven by the state. It is the culmination of three years of work with citizens, healthcare professionals and institutions as well as software publishers. A citizens’ committee has ensured that this e-health journal meets the needs of users, especially in terms of usability and data security.

“My health space”, a personal space to store all your health data

With My health space, each user actively participates in monitoring their health and has control over their health data thanks to four functions:

A medical record : really sure sure, this space will contain the documents needed for his medical follow-up (prescriptions, biological analysis results, medical reports, etc.). It will be gradually fed by healthcare professionals, laboratories, imaging companies, healthcare institutions. It is also possible to add personal information (allergies, family history, etc.) and updates to its constants (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight).

– A safe health message to exchange with the various health professionals involved in his care process.

– A medical diary to manage doctor appointments, reminders, and exam dates (available in 2022).

– A catalog of applications and services referenced by the public authorities, which allow, if the user so wishes, to interconnect tools such as the patient portal of a hospital or related objects and automatically transfer this data to their My health space account (also available in 2022).

These features are available through the website monespacesante.fr and are also available on the mobile application which can be downloaded for free.

“My health space”, a safe space

Very safe, all My Health Space data is hosted in France and the recorded information is kept by medical secrecy :

Only healthcare professionals authorized under the law and legislative texts can consult it;

– The user can also configure the healthcare professional’s access to the data on his account;

– The user can know who has consulted, modified or added a document in his medical file.

In emergencythere are two forms of access – provided that the patient has not opposed it:

– SAMU Center 15 access: the regulatory physician can access the documents of the patient to whom he is receiving a call;

– Access in “broken glass” mode: any healthcare professional can consult the documents of a patient whose condition poses an immediate risk to his health. The professional must justify this access.

“My health space”, Health Insurance and ARS support its spread in the regions

To support the spread of My health space in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, health insurance and ARS are implementing various communication actions with the public, healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. For the latter, steps to modernize their business software are underway to enable interoperability with the My Health Space system.

A webinar will be held for users on May 24 in collaboration with France Asso Santé.

The health insurance and ARS also work in collaboration with local authorities, social intervention actors, social or digital dissemination structures, so that My Health Room is accessible to all users, even those who are furthest away from digital technology or protected persons.

To promote My Health Space to all target groups, a network of ambassadors is being set up in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Maisons France Service, which was formed at the opening of this new service, is already local relays for all users unfamiliar with digital technology. The interactive map allows you to find the nearest structure.

To complete this system, a health professional, nerd, collaborator, student, or simple philanthropist … can all join the My Health Space Ambassador network.

Whether it’s handing out flyers in their office, arranging a workshop in their association or holding a stand at an event … the actions offered are varied and allow everyone to get involved in terms of their appetite, skills and availability.

Interested parties can consult the ARS website for more information or sign up directly at this link.

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