MG5: The first electric station wagon

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Not content with offering good electrified vehicles at unbeatable prices, MG offers itself the luxury of a large first place in the market.

By Stephane Wamat

MG is now launching a model that surpasses all competitors, busy as it only develops SUVs. Here is an electric station wagon without any rival! Sober, discreet … Maybe even a little too much. The folks at MG repeat it: Even though they were built in China (reminder: the brand belongs to the giant SAIC), the models are still designed and developed at the brand’s British headquarters. OK, but we can not say that the MG5 exudes “English charm”.

Obviously, we want a slightly less generic design. The interior, on the other hand, is more up to date: digital dashboard, nice touch screen for the connected multimedia system, equipment list and driving aids perfectly updated, etc. We can not regret missing (especially by knowing the price), except perhaps separate orders for certain features. At the very top of the screen is definitely the path of our time.


MG offers two versions of the 5: Standard Range, with 177 horsepower, if 50 kWh battery promises 320 km of autonomy, and Long Range, less powerful (156 hp), but if 61 kWh battery announces 400 km.

We took over a Standard Range on the country roads of Namur where the car was really very comfortable. In the absence of inspiration for the design, MG has clearly not forgotten how to adjust a chassis. The front axle is exactly without being too sharp for an honest carriage, the compromise between comfort and dynamics is where it needs to be, and the 177 horsepower offers more than honest performance. Here is a very comfortable compact … which we almost forget is electric.

We said the same thing about the Renault Mégane EV, which the MG has a classic weight in common: around 1,500 kilos. Does that explain it? In short, for a starting price of 27,849 euros including VAT, it’s hard to blame the MG5. Nice shot !

The opinion of the Lamarche family

“How much? For an electric family car with GPS, the connected system and driving aids as standard, basic? There must be a fault, no? Plus 500 liters of luggage space, decent rear seats for a car that is 4.6 meters long … And when you sit behind the wheel, you can not even blame it for a “made in China” feeling.Well, we play the surprise, but in reality, this model is in line with other MGs: really amazing and also comfortable to drive At that price we could honestly even consider it another car. And we would hesitate even less if she was sexier. We are not connoisseurs, but we still say to ourselves that it would not miss much for MG to perform very poorly in the market. “

© MG5

The opinion of the eco-driving expert

Let’s be honest: we’re surprised by this car! The engineers did a remarkable job. First by choosing reasonably sized batteries which help keep the weight off. As a result, we are already reaching a good compromise with autonomy. In addition, the SAIC parent company has created a unique electric motor with particularly high efficiency. Finally, the MG5 is not an SUV, but a break, and is therefore more aerodynamic by definition.

So all this together, and using the eco mode as well as the highest regenerative braking power, our version with 320 km average autonomy offered us … more than 360 km! And if MG is talking about an average of 17.9 kWh / 100 km, we found 13.8 kWh. With very little highway on the track, that’s true, but the conclusion is obvious: the MG5 has formidable energy efficiency.

© MG5

Technical data

L / l / h (mm): 4,600 / 1,880 / 1,521 – 5 seats – 1,562 kg – Electric motor – Power: 177 hp – Torque: 280 Nm – WLTP consumption: 17.9 kWh / 100 km – Autonomy WLTP: 320 km – Price: 27,849 euros including VAT

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