Dell XPS 13 Reader Testers: A Really Versatile Ultrabook?


Our testers have been using the Dell XPS 13 laptop for a few days now. They were first interested in the versatility of this model. Can it be used daily in any situation and any place? Here’s what they think!

In collaboration with Dell, we entrusted three testers with the task of evaluating the ultra-portable computer XPS 13. Our first tester is named Guillaume. He is director of information systems and digital transformation at Accessite (Nexity group) and lives in Marseille. Stephanie, our second tester, is the director of SLG Distribution, a retail and wholesale distribution company for wellness products. She lives in Carpentras. Finally, Lucas is the president of a consulting firm in international public affairs and public policy at Sciences Po and lives in Strasbourg. Now that the introductions are complete, let’s see what they think of this laptop.

Anywhere and anywhere

According to our testers, the XPS 13 is compact and light enough to take anywhere. “Just unpacked, we are seduced by its weight, its aluminum frame and its edge-to-edge screen. We immediately understand that this reduced format will allow us to take it everywhere “, Guillaume rejoices. For Stéphanie, this aspect was essential insofar as her professional responsibilities require her to travel a lot: “The computer is compact, thin and yet very robust. Its small size allows it to be carried anywhere in a handbag, which is very convenient when you travel a lot like me, from appointment to appointment. Its light weight is also an asset! “ Lucas confirms: “The Dell XPS 13 computer is very light, which is a real plus when it comes to shipping.”

Readers-Testers Pro ultrabook XPS 13.

Appropriate autonomy

Taking your PC everywhere is one thing. However, the battery must be powerful enough to be used fully for a day away from any electrical outlet! Again, the tests are crucial. “There has been no compromise with the battery, which can withstand a day’s work without problems, and a little more. Perfect when you spend a lot of time like me in a TGV ”, explains William. Same observation for Stéphanie, who even performed precise tests in addition to pure office tasks. “In terms of autonomy, for word processing and reading email, there is nothing to complain about. It lasts for 12 hours without any problems, which is equivalent to a day’s work in the field. To really test the battery life, I watched streaming videos over wifi and it lasted 5 hours, which is really a good performance compared to other devices I am used to using. ” Lucas, for his part, appreciates being able to recharge your PC with its USB Type-C connector: “It’s really easy to recharge it anywhere.” Good point also for the battery level indicator on the side, which “is also very valuable, it allows you to know if a recharge is needed without having to start the computer”.

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screen at the top

The XPS 13 has an edge-to-edge 4K Ultra HD + touch screen that fills almost the entire surface of the chassis; a maximization of the space that won over our testers. Lucas just finds out that the more stretched cinema form factor is not always practical for the job, but it is the common mass for all ultra-laptops of this size. We also asked them to evaluate the performance of the monitor in any case. Guillaume’s verdict: “You can work in the dark and especially in full sun – ideal when living in Marseille!” Also for Stéphanie, the famous test of use outdoors and in the sun is crucial. “The brightness of the screen is very nice, it is not glossy and bright enough, even in bright lighting conditions. For me, who often works outdoors, it is very comfortable. Very good image definition too. “ On the other hand, our testers are divided in the tactile aspect. “The touch is sensitive, but with a little practice everything is fine”, Stephanie explains. William adds: “Touchscreen is it, but Dell chose not to focus on this aspect. It is thus impossible to use the PC in tablet mode, but it is not really usable either. ”

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Pro Reader Testers.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Pro Reader Testers.

Responsive and practical

Guillaume appreciates the connection that the XPS 13 is equipped with, even if it gives in “in the fashion of current minimalism”. It welcomes the presence on the sides of the microSD card reader, the audio jack and the three USB-C ports that are capable of extending the screen to an external monitor. Stéphanie appreciates the speed at start-up: “XPS 13 starts up quickly and automatically connects to the already assigned network. If wifi drops, it quickly reconnects by itself.”

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For Stephanie and Lucas, the new version of Windows 11 brings improvements. “The Windows interface is fluid and understandable. The eleventh iteration wins a lot in terms of aesthetics compared to the previous version and also seems to have taken off in performance.”, says Lucas. Stéphanie appreciates the flexibility during use and explains: “The PC requires very good opening of several software at the same time. The office suite with pivot tables at the same time as the ERP and the mailboxes does not cause any brakes! I work with an online ERP, which can result in a slightly slow response time, and I have seen a marked improvement by using XPS 13. “


For William, “This Dell XPS 13 is designed for versatile use, for efficient use anywhere and in any situation”. Same meaning for Stephanie as “Can not find many faults with this beautiful machine. Only downside, I had to buy a USB Type-C adapter to be able to transfer my files and connect the printer because it did not come with the PC ”. Finally, Lucas is also generally satisfied and points out in particular the possibility of easily transporting the computer: “Dell XPS 13 is very light, which is a real plus in terms of transportation.

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