this horrible scam aimed at car salesmen is wreaking havoc! beware

LeBonCoin is an online platform that allows you to sell many goods as well as services. But despite its success, fraud continues and can be fatal. That’s why we’ll talk about this scam involving the purchase and sale of vehicles!

LeBonCoin, a platform that continues to succeed!

It is an online platform that has made itself known in a fairly simple and fast way.

You should actually know that The good corner is a platform known to all French people. The latter have either already heard of the latter or have already sold or purchased items or services on this site.

Therefore, you should know that this is the reason for its success as the latter has made itself noticed thanks to its diversity. There are all kinds of products and goods that can be sold on the latter.

A diversity that delights and many users sniff around every day in search of a potential treasure. But despite its success, it is also prone to various scams. And the latter are very numerous on this site, which makes the users fear the worst with every purchase or sale.

We need to look at the scam pertaining to buying or selling a car.

A scam that continues on LeBonCoin!

Every site finds itself a victim of its success when we talk about scams.

In fact, you should know that there are many scammers and they will not stop at anything to be able to cheat many people. The goal, of course, is to get rich, in different ways.

But some manage to get caught, or to be exposed, making it possible to highlight the processes that are very sophisticated.

Thus, it appears that a new scam is currently being used on the LeBonCoin platform.

Our colleagues from report a new scarnaque which targets car sellers at Leboncoin.

How to Buy a Car at Le Bon Coin - Practical Information |  computer

This scam is very sophisticated and makes it possible to make scams which is very fast and brings a lot of money to the scammers.

You should know that scammers win in all cases, thanks to various processes that can quickly harm people biting into the bait. For this, in the most concrete form, counterfeiters copy advertisements for the sale of cars. All of this allows them to attract potential buyers, who then fall into a real trap.

In fact, the customer writes a check to the sellers and the latter can confirm it with their bank. However, the goal is not necessarily to cheat this user directly, but rather the author of the original ad.

Knowing that thanks to the image of the check, the scammers can launch a promise of sale with the buyers. And if they try to call the bank to see the authenticity of the check, they can get a positive answer.

A real thing that can do a lot of damage!

Details of this scam

This is what happened to a seller of a very popular vehicle belonging to a major car brand.

Thus, you should know that the latter was quickly contacted by a buyer shortly after the posting of his ad.

The latter asks him who he should write the check for the purchase of the vehicle to. The day after this contact on LeBonCoin, he receives a picture of that check, which gives him confidence.

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But he wanted to call the bank from which the check was projected, but it was closed. An accident caused by a public holiday, and which certainly benefited the young buyer. But this could not have brought formal information to the seller. The check was obviously a real one, obtained through another ad copied by the sharks.

He calls his bank a few days after this contact on LeBonCoin, but he gets bad news. In fact, he has inherited a bad check and nothing can stop this scam now. And the insurances do not seem to prove this kind of fraud. For the insurance has already confirmed to him that it does not cover what looks like a theft by trick.

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