“Star Wars” pulls it all out

Travel through the most famous galaxy in the universe with seven important games from the saga.

To celebrate – with a little delay – the annual celebration of “May 4 be with you” and the broadcast of the series Obi Wan Kenobi at Disney + we have made a small guide to the franchise’s board and character games (from the simplest to the most complex) Star wars. All the alien races should find their account there.

1 Mandalor Monopoly

Let’s start with the most obvious: Monopoly. There are hundreds of variations of this classic (some might say dusty) board game. Star wars is no exception and several editions related to the saga are already available. The edition mandalorian nevertheless stands out from the party with a real effort on the part of the editor to offer an interaction to the mechanics worn to the rope of Monopoly. First of all, your characters are asymmetrical, which means that each one has a special power. Just like in the series, you can pick up baby Yoda every time you encounter his square. From there, it will follow you around and give you bonuses until an opponent takes them back from you. You will also have to fight against various minions who would like to have their fingers in your companion. Monopoly steps out of its comfort zone to marry the Disney + series in the best way possible.

From two to four players, games last about an hour, 8 years and over.

2 Star Wars Unlock

Range unlock has become one of the leaders in escape games. A huge success that now allows publisher Space Cowboys to rub shoulders with successful franchises. that Unlock Star Wars has therefore been an event for fans of the series. The concept remains unchanged: you will live three independent adventures in the form of riddles to be deciphered. You will alternately be on the side of rebels, imperial and smugglers. Impossible to say more so as not to ruin the experience.

From one to six players, games of about 90 minutes, from 10 years and up.

3 The Rise of the Dark Side

The situation is serious! The empire builds the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. If he does, no one will be safe. Choose a hero from the Rebel Alliance and assemble your team to defeat the imperial forces. The switchboard is divided into three sectors to which the cards are attached. These can be Allied cards to recruit, ships to buy or enemies to fight. Gradually, your team will grow and the powers of each card can be activated. A pool of special dice allows you to activate them as well as buy cards.

Just like Yams, you will roll your dice pool three times and keep the symbols that interest you between each roll. You will work together against Empire, which is handled by the game’s AI. In the middle of the board, a Darth Vader figure will orient himself in one of the sectors and attack all your allies there. With each turn, the construction of the Death Star will advance, with the risk of giving you penalties. So it’s a race against time and smart control of your strengths and abilities.

From two to four players, games of approximately 45 minutes, 10 years and over.

4 Outer border

If you’ve always been more into galaxy thugs and bounty hunters like Boba Fett, then Outer border becomes your new favorite game. The outer edge corresponds to the “warm suburbs” of the galaxy. Star wars. The empire is fighting to keep order there, and rebels are not welcome either. The game is an incredible “sandbox” experience where you will be free in your movements and actions.

You will all set off with a character of questionable morals (Han Solo, Boba Fett, etc.) and a small base ship. From there, it’s up to you to travel from planet to planet, take contracts, deliver more or less legal shipments, chase targets whose heads have been set at a price … In short, to track your galactic destiny and accumulate wealth and honor . Along the way you will be able to fight (on the ground and in space), change ships, upgrade them, buy equipment, receive teammates, complete missions, etc. The game is incredibly rich and it manages to make us feel the excitement of an adventure where we are the hero. The games can be very long, but they are exciting.

From one to four players, games of about two hours, 14 years and over.

5 star wars rebellion

Yes Outer border offers you an individual adventure, star wars rebellion offers you, him, to take heights and embody the Rebel Alliance or the entire galactic empire. Your playground is the galaxy and your resources are almost limitless. You will embody one of the two camps (with more than two players you will be in a team). The mission of the empire will be to find and destroy the rebel base. The object of the game is to achieve maximum prestige to become the faction supported by the galactic population. Here are the actions on a large scale: Mounting espionage and sabotage missions, building fleets and invading planets. The game is a kind of exciting war game that will keep you hooked for at least three hours.

From two to four players, games of about three hours, 14 years and over.

6 Star Wars: X-Wing

From now on, we leave the world of board games to enter the world of miniature games. The rules are becoming more demanding, involvement is increasing and financial investment is increasing. X Wing offers you to take command of a squadron of ships and meet your opponent through goal-based missions or simply in the form of destructive combat. Your ships must belong to the same faction (rebels, empire, separatists …) and enter a maximum points pool. It is up to you to choose between these points between your ships, but also between the different pilots as well as equipment and improvements.

Given the importance of reach (the game has been around for ten years and is in version 2.5!), The association options in the lists are innumerable. Fortunately, beginners will be able to purchase the base box, which includes an X-Wing and two Tie Fighters for a smooth learning of the game. It can take many years of practice to master the intricacies of the shortlists and know how to steer your ships precisely on the play mat.

Two players, games of approximately 75 minutes, 14 years and over.

7 Star Wars: Legion

little brother to X Wing, Star Wars: Legion offers you a similar game system, but in the form of battle on the ground. Choose a faction and adjust the thumbnails of your fighters on the game board. The mechanics here are more centered on goals to be controlled on the map, than on wiping out your opponent. Again, you need patience and determination to become a good player. The figures themselves must be assembled and painted, which will force you to become more than a player, but also a “hobbyist”. After so much effort, having the pleasure of moving your group of painted figures on a beautiful table with themed decorations, results in personal satisfaction that only nerds can know.

Two players, games of about 150 minutes, 14 years and over.

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