Meta-Hebdo: Journal Du Coin launches its metaverse

Megateuf! – There are events that sometimes deserve that we deviate from certain rules. Some because they are dramatic, exceptional, others because they are festive. Today Meta-Weekly Letter stops spinning, freezes, excited, excited about an event to come: the house heating of your favorite spirit. Le Journal Du Coin invites you to celebrateinauguration of his metavers. To do this, NFT Mornings John Karp and Rem Peretz attend the party. Then we come to meet you in a friendly space created for you. How to participate? It is very simple. Follow the leader.

JDC also intends to try its hand metaversa social and virtual space that aims at a cohesive world that plays with boundaries and distances.

It is therefore Swisscryptocat our meta-site manager who wallpapered, painted, built, decorated and designed for us a space in our image. After some tests performed byJDC team, we are now ready to introduce you to our metaverse. From now on, it’s up to you to come and visit these places that you can share with in the future members of the Journal Du Coin.

Then put a cross in the calendar: The housewarming party takes place d 25 May 2022 from kl. 19:00 to 23:00.. The members of NFT tomorrowdaily podcast Monday-Friday at 8:55 and NFT experts John Karp and Rem Peretz will be our first guests. Discussions regarding NFT and the network3 is on the program for the evening.

In order to meet us on D-Day and share this experience with us, follow a few small steps that we will explain to you.

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Download AltspaceVR

First download All spaces, a virtual reality platform that has a social network calling. It offers multiple rooms with free access or private access, as is the case with our metaverse.

Go to the Altspace website thanks to this link. Then click on ” fetch (download) on the main page of the website.

On the page that appears, you have two options:

  • If you have a helmet Oculus Quest or Riftyou can directly download the application for free at Oculus store of your device.
  • To the helmet Windows Mixed RealityAltspaceVR is available at Microsoft Store.

If you do not have a virtual reality headset, do not panic! See you at the bottom of the page. During the headset presentation, you can actually download Altspace for Windows and Apple (beta version).

To have access to Altspace 2D, available on the desktop, you must therefore download the version adapted to your equipment. In this case, you have the choice between Windows and Steam.

Download AltspaceVR on your PC or computer to enjoy the 2D version.

Join us in the Journal Du Coin meta-verse

Once the application is downloaded, you can therefore to start up. Accept the terms of service to get started.

Accept the terms of use.

Next, create an account. sign in. You can sign in directly with your Microsoft account or create one.

Sign in with your Microsoft account or create one.

Your account has therefore been created. You can then access your front page : your AltspaceVR room. Then click on the tab Enter the code.

Select tab
From the main page of your Altspace, click on the “Enter Code” tab.

Then enter the code PPY022 in the insert and validate.

Enter the code PPY022 to join us in the Journal Du Coin meta-verse.

You can then, if it is D-day, join us directly in our metaverse. If you are early, you can then show your interest in the event so as not to miss the start.

Make an appointment so you do not miss the housewarming party
Mark your interest in not missing out on any of the event

You now have all the keys in hand to join us and come and discuss web3 and NFT with us in the meta verse. Fails to come and meet in the flesh and blood team of the Avis Du Coin on PICS (Polynesian Island Crypto Summit) you may well encounter members of the JDC in the bend of a corridor in our metaverse.

You do not have to bring your purse to the housewarming party. On the other hand, if you want to support the work of the Journal du Coin, sign up today on the FTX platform. By going through this affiliate link you also benefit from a lifetime reduction on trading fees (see terms and conditions on the page).

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